Sen. Lindsey Graham: The Left is Lying by Claiming Graham-Cassidy won’t Cover Pre-Existing Conditions; It Requires Coverage – Video 9/21/17

Rush Limbaugh Annnounces His Radio Audience Hits 27 Million – Audio 9/21/17

President Donald Trump Delivers Incredible Speech to the United Nations! Vows to “Totally Destroy North Korea” if Necessary – Complete Video 9/19/17

Rush Limbaugh Laughs at Leftist Outrage over Trump Retweet of Golf GIF Hitting Hillary Clinton! – Audio 9/18/17

Nancy Pelosi Gets Shouted Down by “Dreamers”; Pelosi Shouts back, “Just Stop It Now!” – Video 9/18/17

Sean Spicer Lends Himself to Trump-Bashing at Emmy Awards Show – Video 9/17/17

Kevin Jackson Reacts to St. Louis Violence in the Wake of Police Officer’s Acquittal – Video 9/17/17

Former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley Found NOT GUILTY in 2011 Shooting of Black Male; Protesters Already Gathering – Video / Read Verdict 9/15/17


Trump: No Deal on DACA without Agreement No On-going Obstruction of the Wall – Video 9/14/17

President Trump gives Glimpse of Tax Cut Plan: Big Cuts for Middle Class and Businesses; Extremely Wealthy may Pay More – Video 9/13/17

CNN’s Acosta Thinks Harvey, Irma Prove “This Climate Change Thing” – Video 9/11/17

President Trump Speaks at the Pentagon for 9/11 Remembrance Service – Video 9/11/17

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Deal with Pelosi, Schumer “Likely Not a One-Off” Thanks to Obstructionist GOP – Audio 9/11/17

Remembering September 11, 2001: “You Will Remember this Day as Long as You Live” – 9/11/01 Video Chronology

Bitter Hillary blaming “Millions of White People” for Her 2016 Election Loss – Video 9/10/17

Limbaugh: If Ryan and McConnell would Work with Trump “for Just 3 Months” to Pass His Agenda, “Dems wouldn’t have a Prayer for 25 Years” – Audio 9/7/17

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