Huckabee: Trump Deal with Democrats to Clear the Decks for Tax Reform was “a Smart Move” – Video 9/6/17

Here is Gov. Mike Huckabee praising the deal President Trump made with Democrats to raise the Debt Ceiling for the next three months and provide Hurricane Relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey and the anticipated damage from Hurricane Irma.

Many NeverTrumpers are attacking Trump for this deal, but stop and think about it. Trump knows he has the Freedom Caucus in the GOP House that would likely have fought over raising the Debt Limit, bogging down Congress for days. Who knows whether there would have been a shutdown over it. While two Hurricanes wreak havoc, the last thing Trump and the GOP needed was a big fight over funding Hurricane victims and raising the Debt Limit. This deal takes that mess off the table and enables Congress to focus on Tax Cuts. That is where the energy and focus needs to be! Trump just cleared the decks for Tax Cuts. The GOP MUST come through with major Tax Reform. That is the key to real Economic Growth, and the key to victory in the 2018 Midterms.

This is also a warning shot across the bow of Republicans in Congress that if they don’t get in line and support Trump’s agenda, Trump will find a way to work with Democrats to get as much done as he can. The ridiculous purist Republicans, who will vote against something if it is not 100% of what they want, had better start realizing it is better to support Trump and get 70% of what you want than have Trump work with Democrats and get 40-50% of what you want. This deal is a statement by Trump he has had enough of the GOP’s failure to move forward with his agenda.

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