Pelosi: Trump agreed to Three Month Extension on Debt Ceiling because Ryan and McConnell Simply Did Not have the Votes – Video 9/7/17

Here is Democrat Nancy Pelosi today rehearsing what happened in her meeting with President Trump and other Leaders of Congress yesterday in the Oval Office. She said it became clear that Ryan and McConnell simply did not have the votes for a longer extension of the Debt Ceiling:

“Here, the currency of the realm is the vote. You have the votes – no discussion necessary. You don’t have the votes – 3 months. So, that’s how we got to that.”

There you go. For all the Republicans’ gnashing of teeth about Trump agreeing to a deal with Pelosi and Schumer, the bottom line is that, once again, Ryan and McConnell did not have the votes for what they preferred. They can’t get their own caucuses together. Trump, obviously seeing that, was not going to let the Debt Ceiling turn into a protracted, weeks-long fight that would consume the entire agenda. If they want to look for blame, Ryan, McConnell and the other Republican obstructionists need look no further than the end of their own noses.

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