Trump: No Deal on DACA without Agreement No On-going Obstruction of the Wall – Video 9/14/17

Good grief. People are losing their minds over Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer claiming President Trump agreed to sign a bill on DACA without funding for the Wall.

Let’s think about this:

1. Trump has said all along he wants to be kind to the “Dreamers.” He even said that during the Campaign, and he certainly said that last week when he ended Obama’s DACA Executive Order. If Congress passes a bill to help those children brought here by their illegal parents, Trump indicated then he would sign it. That should come as no surprise.

2. Trump said there is no deal yet on DACA.

3. Trump remains committed to the Wall. Even if the Wall is not in a bill about DACA, it does not mean he won’t move forward with building the Wall. Remember, “Border Security” funds can be used in a myriad of ways. Schumer and Pelosi could very well find their “Border Security” agreement (if it materializes) ends up building the Wall. In remarks in Florida this morning, Trump made it clear that there must be some kind of agreement – whether official or not – that there will be no obstruction of the Wall going forward.

4. Perspective. People need to keep perspective about all that Trump is trying to do. He wants to revitalize the U.S. Economy. If he can get massive Tax Cuts and produce strong Economic Growth, that is the most important thing he can do. To fixate on one issue to the exclusion of all others is myopic and counter-productive. I don’t agree with everything Trump has said or done. But Conservatives will get a whole lot more from a successful Trump Presidency than we will from the Democrats. Keep the larger picture in mind.

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