Reuters: ISIS Capital of Raqqa, Syria Falls to U.S. Backed Coalition Forces – Video Report 10/16/17


Poll: Virginia Governor’s Race Tightening; Dem Lead Shrinks to 4-Points – 10/17/17


Trump Legislative Dir on Tax Cuts: “We Need it to Happen This Year” – Video 10/17/17

President Trump Holds Epic Rose Garden Press Briefing with Mitch McConnell – Video 10/16/17

WV Coal Miner Puts NFL to Shame; Sings National Anthem before going Underground – Video 10/13/17

Report: Canadian Husband just Released by Taliban along with American Wife and Children Refuses to Board U.S. Military Plane – Video Report 10/12/17

President Trump Halts Subsidies to Insurance Companies Propping up Failing ObamaCare – Video 10/13/17

President Trump Signs Executive Order Allowing Americans to Buy Insurance Across State Lines – Video 10/12/17

White House: American Woman and Her Family Held Captive by Taliban Jihadist Group for 5 Years have been Released – 10/12/17

ND Farmer Sends Message to NFL with Message in Field: “We Stand for the National Anthem” – Video 10/11/17

Charlie Hurt: Trump is Trolling the Media, and they are Freaking Out Just as He Planned! – Video 10/11/17

Mark Levin Discusses why Voters Stand with Trump Despite GOP Leaders’ Backstabbing Behavior – Audio 10/10/17

Reports Continue to Indicate Trump will Decertify the Obama Iran Deal this Week – Video 10/11/17

Tucker Carlson: “The Left has Finally Found the Only Immigrant in History who had No Right to come to America!” – Video 10/9/17

Rush Limbaugh: Trump, Pence Standing up for America is Exactly why they Won the 2016 Election – Audio 10/9/17

Radical Left Keeps Pushing to Destroy American Heritage; Seeks to End Columbus Day Observance – Video Report 10/9/17

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