Hmmm. Las Vegas Sheriff: “Did this Person get Radicalized Unbeknownst to Us, and We want to identify that Source” – Video 10/3/17

Hmmmm. Did the Las Vegas Sheriff just reveal the direction their motive investigation is headed into why Stephen Paddock carried out the worst mass shooting in American History?

The Sheriff at the end of his conference, in answering a question, said they are being very careful because there are “defense lawyers” out there, and they want to do things properly in case something else develops beyond just Paddock’s involvement as the shooter. He actually uses the word “radicalized” – “Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us, and we want to identify that source.”

He may have just been throwing out a hypothetical, or he may have revealed that’s the direction it’s headed. We’ll see.

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