Trump Visits Puerto Rico; As “We are Dying” San Juan Mayor Looks on, has Incredibly Low Death Toll of “16” Stated by the Governor – Video 10/3/17

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Puerto Rico today to oversee relief efforts there and to encourage the people of Puerto Rico and all the workers doing tremendous work to aid the people there.

Trump met with leaders of the relief effort, including the island’s Governor and the Mayor of Sansanjuanmayor_wearedying Juan, who launched a clearly political attack on Trump over the weekend. He did not call on the Mayor, but went out of his way to refute her claim “people are dying” and “genocide” is coming. He had the Governor state the death toll thus far – 16 – in the wake of two hurricanes. It’s interesting to note that when the Mayor wore a T-Shirt saying “Help us. We are dying” – the death toll was – 16. That means in four days since her stunt on CNN, the death toll did NOT go up. So much for, “We are dying” and “genocide.”

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz sat frowning, head down as Trump demonstrated the utter falsehood of what she had said and done.

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