Rush Limbaugh: Reports Trump to Decertify Iran Deal, Trump Rollback of Obama’s Birth Control Mandate, Funding for Trump Border Wall will Excite GOP Base – Audio 10/6/17

Here is Rush Limbaugh yesterday talking about three stories heading into the weekend that will excite the “Trump base” – which should include all Conservatives.

The three stories are reports that Trump will decertify the pathetic Obama Nuclear Deal with Iran; Trump’s decision to roll back Obama’s Mandate requiring all employers to provide “Birth Control” (including Abortion) even if they have moral or religious objections; and news the House Homeland Security Committee has approved $10 Billion for Trump’s Border Wall. That bill, a Border Security Bill, now heads to the House Floor for Debate.

Again and again, Donald Trump does what we could have only dreamed a Republican President would actually do, in terms of being conservative in his policies and actions. There are Republicans and Conservatives who despise Donald Trump because he defeated their preferred candidate, and/or because they don’t like his bombastic personality. But in terms of the things he is actually doing as President – we could not have hoped for a more Conservative President of the United States. But many of them will never admit that because they are so blinded by their hate of Trump.

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