Pathetic George W. Bush, who Never attacked Obama in Eight Years, Attacks Trump for wanting Strong Borders, Fair Trade – Video 10/19/17

Well, this is pathetic, but predictable.

Former President George W. Bush broke his own oft-repeated rule by attacking a sitting President – Donald Trump. Bush never opened his yap to attack or even disagree with Barack Obama for eight long years, always saying it would be wrong for him to do so as a former President. But he didn’t make it nine months before attacking Trump. Bush sounded like a Democrat in his criticism today, basically attacking Trump for wanting America’s borders to actually mean something. Bush sat back and did nothing during his final years as President to refute or counter-attack in the face of withering media and Democrat attacks on him and his Presidency. That set the stage for the disastrous 2006 Midterms and the 2008 Election loss. But today, he was his snarky worst in attacking Trump. We know what this is really all about — Jeb. He is still butt-hurt because Trump easily defeated his brother Jeb Bush, and this was all about getting even.

UPDATE: Predictably, Bush is getting praise and atta-boys from the media and all assorted Leftists. Like John McCain, he will bask in the “love” from those who actually despise him, and always will despise him. But his attacks are useful to them now as they oppose the America First Trump agenda.

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