Ted Cruz Tells GOP Senate Colleagues: “Shut Up and Do Your Job” of passing the Trump Agenda – Audio 10/25/17

Well said!

Cruz tells Radio Host Mark Davis that his GOP Senate colleagues need to “shut up and do your job” of advancing the Trump Tax Cut agenda.

I give Ted Cruz credit. He lost a tough primary to Donald Trump. It got very heated. He didn’t do the right thing and endorse Trump prior to, or during the 2016 Republican Convention. But he did endorse Trump in September, and he has supported the Trump agenda and worked for what is best for America despite his differences with Trump. That is the way it should be. It will stand Cruz well in the future as he won’t be remembered as a NeverTrump loon. He will be seen by Trump voters as an honorable man who did what is best for the country. That will give him a big leg up on some candidates in the future with Trump voters.

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