Reports: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Gets First Indictment(s) from Grand Jury; Arrest could come Monday – Video 10/28/17

CNN and NBC News are reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gotten a Grand Jury in Washington D.C. to hand down his first indictments. Reports indicate the first arrest(s) could come as early as Monday.

No word yet on who has been indicted. Mueller could be going after just about anyone. Speculation ranges from President Trump to Hillary Clinton. Most pundits seem to think the most likely targets are Paul Manafort, Gen. Michael Flynn, Carter Page or Donald Trump Jr. But when you give a Special Counsel the broad power like Mueller was given – who knows.

It’s fishy. Mueller was FBI Director during the Uranium One Scandal, and knew money was going to the Clinton Foundation from Russian entities while Hillary and Obama were deciding to give away 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians. He said nothing to Congress, did nothing to stop that deal. Mueller is close to James Comey, fired by Trump. He should have NEVER been appointed as Special Counsel.

Now, as the Uranium One Scandal heats up, and pressure builds on Mueller – he comes down with an indictment/indictments, AND leaks it to the media. It would appear Mueller is trying to move the focus back to his witch hunt, and off his own conflicts of interest in the Uranium One Scandal.

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