Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Brings 12 Charges against Paul Manafort; Charges have Nothing to do with Trump – Video 10/30/17

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has arrested Paul Manafort, bringing 12 charges against him after getting a Grand Jury indictment against him in heavily-Democrat Washington D.C.

The charges brought against Manafort and an associate are for financial transactions BEFORE the 2016 Presidential Campaign. In other words, it had NOTHING to do with Donald Trump or his Campaign.

But this is what you get with a Special Prosecutor – a witch hunt. Mueller has to justify his existence as a “Special Prosecutor, and he has to indict someone. The media are being their usual dishonest selves, making out like this is connected to President Trump’s Campaign.

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz states the real danger here for Donald Trump. Now that Manafort is charged, Mueller will try to get him to give information against Trump, and Dershowitz says the danger is that defendants are under such pressure, they sometimes don’t “sing,” they “compose – they make stuff up” in order to save themselves.

That could certainly happen. What a dirty, pathetic system the whole “Special Counsel” enterprise is.

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