President Trump Speaks at Missouri Rally to Push Massive Tax Cuts for Americans across the Finish Line – Complete Video 11/29/17


In wake of Lauer Firing, Trump Tweets NBC should “Investigate” an “Unsolved Mystery” in Florida related to Joe Scarborough – 11/29/17

“Today” Show’s Savannah Guthrie Informs Viewers that Matt Lauer has been Fired by NBC for Alleged “Inappropriate Sexual Behavior”; No Details Provided – Video 11/29/17

Trump Leaves “Empty Chairs” beside Him as He Hammers Pelosi and Schumer for Not Showing Up for Meeting at the White House – Video 11/28/17

Trump Responds to Progress on Senate Tax Cut Bill; Democrat Obstruction; North Korean Missile Launch – Video 11/28/17

Senate Finance Committee Advances Tax Cut Bill to Full Senate on 12-11 Vote; Leftists Disrupt to No Avail! – Video 11/28/17

President Trump Honors Navajo Code-Talkers in Oval Office; Jabs “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren – Video 11/27/17


Report: U.S. Senate may Vote on Tax Cuts as Early as Thursday Next Week

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Visit Florida Coast Guard Station on Thanksgiving Day – Video 11/23/17

President Trump Thanksgiving Day Message: “Americans have always Remembered the Blessing of Freedom and the Glory of God” – Video 11/23/17

Thanksgiving Praise: “Give Thanks” – Music Video 11/23/17

Rush Limbaugh Tells the Thanksgiving Story – Video

Happy Thanksgiving! “Bless the Lord, O My Soul (10,000 Reasons)” – Video 11/23/17

Flashback: President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 54 Years Ago Today – Videos 11/22/1963

Heartache: CNN Reports on Sexual Misconduct Allegations against DEMOCRAT Rep. John Conyers – Video Report 11/21/17

Mark Levin_1

Report: Conservative Mark Levin gets Weekly Fox News TV Show! – 11/21/17

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