Friend of Texas Church Shooter says Kelley Posted “Atheist” and “Non-God” things on Facebook – Video 11/6/17

The Leftist media is pushing the narrative that Devin Kelley chose to go into First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas, and slaughter 26 Christians only because he was mad at his mother-in-law. That’s the talking points right now – a “domestic situation”. In fact, multiple outlets yesterday added – “Not because of race or religion.”

But here is a longtime friend of Kelley on CNN last night where he said specifically that Kelley had posted “atheist” and “Non-God” things on Facebook that made him unfriend Kelley. To Don Lemon’s credit, he didn’t try to cut the friend off when he said this.

Folks, if this killer only wanted to get back at his mother-in-law, he would have gone to her home or found another way. This man wanted to kill Christians too, he wanted to attack the Church. He would not have gone into that church and shot all of those people unless his hatred of Christians was part of the equation. It may have been he hated the mother-in-law partially because of her faith.

Here’s an article in the The Sun that details some of Kelley’s anti-Christian rants:


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