Judge Roy Moore Says Misconduct Charges against Him are Absolutely False; Confident Alabama Voters will “See through this Charade” – Video 11/11/17

Here is Alabama Judge Roy Moore giving an impassioned defense of himself today, saying unequivocally that he is not guilty of sexual misconduct, as charged by the Washington Post. Moore says these charges go against everything he has stood for in his career, and he called the charges absolutely false.

Moore said he is confident the people of Alabama will “see through this charade,” and not allow these attacks timed just one month before the election to be successful. The charges are that a woman sought out by the Washington Post claims Moore engaged in sexual misconduct against her when she was 14 years old in 1979 – nearly 40 years ago. The claim had never before surfaced in all the controversies and campaigns Moore has been involved in – until now – just four weeks before a crucial U.S. Senate Election.

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