Report: Conservative Mark Levin gets Weekly Fox News TV Show! – 11/21/17

Mark Levin_1Drudge is breaking news that “The Great One” – Mark Levin – will be getting his own weekly TV Show on Fox News! No details yet on exactly what time the show will air or when it will begin. But you can be sure it will not be dull! Congratulations to Mark Levin.

He was very anti-Trump during the primaries in 2016, and at one point, said he would never vote for Trump. But I give him credit for letting all the emotion die down and in the end doing what was best for America. He supported Trump in the last few months of the 2016 Campaign because he knew Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for the country. He made the step that so many NeverTrumpers have not. Levin believes what’s best for the country is more important than tending old grievances.

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