Senate Finance Committee Advances Tax Cut Bill to Full Senate on 12-11 Vote; Leftists Disrupt to No Avail! – Video 11/28/17

Here is the Senate Finance Committee voting today to advance the Senate Tax Cut Bill out of Committee to the Senate Floor. The vote was a straight party line vote, 12-11.

This was a huge vote, because it required several key Republicans who had been possible “No” votes on the bill to vote for it in Committee. They did. Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Bob Corker voted to advance the bill. While not guaranteeing they will vote for the final bill on the Floor, it is a very strong signal they are close to doing so.

The Senate will not take the bill up and can amend it. A vote on passage could come Friday or Saturday.

Listen to the Leftists behave in their rude, anarchist way as the committee conducted the vote. But they didn’t stop it!

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