Election Results

Alabama Senate Special Election Results – Links 12/12/17

Sarah Sanders Destroys April Ryan on Labeling Trump Tweet about “Sexual Innuendo” – “Only if Your Mind is in the Gutter. . .” – Video 12/12/17

Alabama Voters Decide Today on Chaotic Alabama Senate Race; Wildly Conflicting Polls Leave Race in Uncertainty

Bombshell: Moore Accuser Admits She Wrote Part of the Yearbook Inscription she had Claimed Moore Wrote – Video 12/8/17

President Trump Announces the United States Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel – Complete Video 12/6/17

President Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital at 1 PM ET; Will Begin Process of Moving U.S. Embassy – Video 12/6/17

Roy Moore Spokesperson Tells CNN Anchor “Congrats on Unborn Child”; Moore “Stands for the Rights of Babies like Yours” – Video 12/5/17

Rush Limbaugh: The way to Stop Mueller is to Prevent Democrats from Winning the House in 2018 – Audio 12/5/17

Sen. Orrin Hatch Praises Trump as a President “who Listens” and “Keeps his Word” – Video 12/4/17

Courageous! Reports Indicate President Trump will Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! Islamic Threats Already Begin – 12/5/17


President Trump to Undo Obama Overreach on Utah National Monuments – 12/4/17

Noted Law Prof Alan Dershowitz: Flynn Guilty Plea to One Count of Lying Means “There’s Nothing There” on “Conspiracy” or a “Scheme” – Video 12/2/17

U.S. Senate Votes 51-49 to Pass Massive Tax Cuts for the American People! – Video 12/2/17


Report – ABC News Clarifying Bombshell Report: Flynn Directed to Contact Russians by “President-elect Trump,” NOT “Candidate Trump” – 12/1/17

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI; Now Cooperating with Mueller; ABC News Says Flynn Ready to Testify against Trump – Video 12/1/17

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