Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI; Now Cooperating with Mueller; ABC News Says Flynn Ready to Testify against Trump – Video 12/1/17

Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI concerning conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador in December 2016 – after the 2016 Election. He was part of the Trump Transition Team at the time.

Flynn has agreed to cooperate with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

ABC News’ Brian Ross says sources tell him Flynn has agreed to testify that “candidate Donald Trump” directed him to contact the Russians. But, no word yet as to what that means – contact them to what end?

This is clearly a very bad development for President Trump. If Flynn swears under oath that Trump ordered him to contact the Russians to seek their help in influencing the 2016 Election – then it will be utterly devastating to Trump. But if the contact was related to policy or if it was to simply lay the groundwork for a possible Trump Presidency, it won’t make much difference.

Time will tell. My guess is the latter, but we’ll see.

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