Noted Law Prof Alan Dershowitz: Flynn Guilty Plea to One Count of Lying Means “There’s Nothing There” on “Conspiracy” or a “Scheme” – Video 12/2/17

Here is liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on “Fox & Friends” this morning where he gave his take on Michael Flynn’s guilty plea and decision to do a plea deal with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz believes it actually shows the weakness of the case Mueller has, because he ended up charging Flynn with one count of lying to the FBI. Flynn’s plea said nothing about being involved in a “scheme” or a “conspiracy,” and Dershowitz believes that’s because Mueller really hasn’t found anything big on President Trump.

That is totally opposite of virtually everything you hear from the liberal media and their talking heads. But, of course, their hatred for Trump is off the scale. So it’s hard to know where all of this will go, if anywhere. Obviously, if Dershowitz is right, there will be a lot of liberals with a lot of egg on their faces. I just don’t know what to think. We’ll see! One thing about Donald Trump – never a dull day!!!

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