Report: Supposed Impartial Special Counsel Mueller Working Closely with Virulently Anti-Trump NY AG – 12/27/17


If you needed anymore evidence that the Mueller Special Counsel/FBI Investigation into Donald Trump is a Witch Hunt, here’s yet another example of the incredible assortment of biased individuals Mueller has assembled to go after Trump.

Mueller retained in August New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann’s assistance, a man who has repeatedly bragged he is anti-Trump. Yet he has a strong voice with Mueller in the supposed fair and impartial investigation that has already dragged on for more than a year (the FBI began nearly 1 1/2 years ago based on the discredited dossier).


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is reportedly assisting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, boasted of his successful resistance to the Trump administration in a Tuesday Medium post.

Schneiderman, who could play an essential role in the disposition of Mueller’s investigation, has effectively branded as a public anti-Trump litigator during the president’s first year, in keeping with the history of hostility between the two men.

Tuesday’s Medium post accompanied a profile of Schneiderman in The New York Times, which noted that the AG lodged 100 legal or administrative challenges to administration policies during Trump’s first year in office. . . . The AG is building a political profile around his anti-Trump bona fides. Schneiderman told TheNYT that he has invested resources and personnel in anti-Trump litigation efforts, while coordinating with other Democratic state attorneys general to challenge the administration in court. His official Twitter feed regularly features content attacking the president or promoting the AG’s litigiousness. . . .

Mueller’s office retained Schneiderman’s assistance in August in a bid to establish greater leverage against the president and his loyalists. . . . Read More

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