CNN goes Nuts after Trump Reminds Kim Jong-un America’s “Nuclear Button” is “Bigger” than His – Video 1/2/18


The liberal media has their hair on fire after President Donald Trump fired back at North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un by reminding him America’s “Nuclear Button” is “bigger” than yours – and it works!

This came after Kim had bragged he has a “Nuclear Button” on his desk that can hit the U.S.

CNN’s little munchkin – Brian Stelter – called it “madness,” and questioned Trump’s “mental health.” They just don’t get that Trump will not back down to anyone, especially North Korea’s pot-bellied Dictator. This is the only thing Kim Jong-un understands and respects – power, strength. For 25 years the United States has had a policy of hand-wringing, begging, pleading with North Korea. Trump is right to try a wholly different approach. “Madness” is continuing to follow the same failed course of action.

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