President Trump Issues Blistering Statement on Steve Bannon in Wake of Bannon Attacking Trump Jr. as “Treasonous” – 1/3/18

President Trump is slapping down former adviser Steve Bannon with a blistering statement this afternoon, this in the wake of Bannon’s reported attacks on Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner in a new book by Michael Wolffe. So far. there has been no denial by Bannon of the explosive remarks in which Bannon said the Trump Jr. meeting at Trump Tower with Russians was “treasonous.”

Trump responded by saying that when Bannon “was fired, he also lost his mind.”

This is so pathetic by Steve Bannon – IF he is being quoted accurately. It reeks of a man who is butt-hurt because he got fired and is now doing everything he can to undercut Trump. You see this in just about every administration – someone gets pushed out and then turns on the President they once worked for. But it’s really pathetic that Bannon is doing this, giving ammunition to the Leftists who hate both Trump and Bannon. We will hear these quotes from Bannon parroted by the Left for as long as Donald Trump is in the public eye. If that is what Bannon wanted, he’s going to get his wish. But it will not be a good legacy for Bannon.

If Bannon did not say these things, he needs to come out and disavow them completely – immediately. You would think that would have happened hours ago if it was going to happen.

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