Democrats, Republicans at White House Laugh as Trump Suggests “Some Form of Earmarks” Needed to Break Gridlock – Video 1/9/18

Classic Trump!

Donald Trump is the supreme anti-politician! Here he is talking to Democrats and Republicans at a bi-partisan meeting at the White House today on Immigration where he suggested something any politician would be terrified to suggest – bringing back “some form of earmarks” so legislation can get done to deal with the nation’s problems. They all laugh when he says it because they know this is what NO politician would ever be willing to say! But Trump has a real point here. The bartering and trading by legislators looking out for the interests of their state of district is an integral part of our nation’s history. Trump is saying the purge of earmarks may have contributed to the inability of Congress to work together. This moment illustrates just how out-of-the-box Trump is!

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