President Trump Leads Incredible Bi-Partisan Meeting on Immigration with Cameras Rolling; Leadership on Full Display – Video 1/9/18

This is President Trump at his finest – totally in command, leading in a way no other politician would ever do.

Trump led a bi-partisan meeting today on Immigration at the White House, and for more than 50 minutes allowed a wide-ranging discussion between key Democrats and Republicans on the issues. He did so with cameras rolling, allowing Americans to see the impressive way he is leading our nation.

Trump made it clear that a “clean” DACA deal to him is dealing with the status of so-called “Dreamers” AND Border Security – including the Wall. Democrat Dianne Feinstein tried to get Trump to agree to a DACA only deal – but Trump would not do it. He defined “clean” as also including Border Security.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but one thing this video makes clear is that Donald Trump is NOT mentally ill. He is in full control, and is leading in a remarkable way.

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