Trump Responds to Leftist Outrage over his “Sh*thole Countries” Remark: “I want a Merit-based System of Immigration” – 1/12/18


As the media froths and foams for the umpteenth time against President Trump, here are two tweets this morning from the President expanding on his now infamous “Sh*thole Countries” remark yesterday in a private meeting with six Democrats and Republicans who were trying to foist a ridiculous Immigration Plan on him. In fact, the plan wanted to give special advantage to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations. It also would have expanded Chain Migration and not adequately funded for Border Security and building the Wall.

It was in that context that Trump questioned why the focus on admitting immigrants from “Sh*thole countries” instead of stable nations like Norway. You don’t see the liberals wanting to move to any of those nations to live, but they are in full Pharisee-mode today, declaring Donald Trump to be a racist because he wants a rational Immigration Policy for the United States.

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