Tucker Carlson Asks, “Why the Outrage?” over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

Why 99% of the media are in full outrage machine mode over President Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” remark in a PRIVATE meeting yesterday, Tucker Carlson actually asked the question, “Why the outrage?”

Tucker very effectively focused on the facts that the nations we admit many immigrants from are, indeed, nations most people would not want to vist, let alone, live in. Trump is advocating for a merit-based Immigration Policy – the idea that we should admit Immigrants on the basis of what they can bring to contribute positively to America. We should not be the dumping ground for all the down-and-out people in the world.

I believe we can do some of both. We have always been a refuge for those fleeing religious persecution. But it has gone way beyond that over the last 50 years. We need to get back to a balance of a merit-based Immigration system, with a heart for those being persecuted for their religious faith.

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