President Trump on NYT Claim Trump tried to Fire Mueller: “Fake News, Folks, Fake News” – Video 1/26/18

Here is President Trump responding this morning to the latest New York Times hitpiece. Last night, the Times reported President Trump ordered Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fired by his White House Counsel Don McGhan. But the Times says McGhan refused to do it and threatened to resign – causing Trump to back down.

Trump says it is “fake news, folks, fake news.”

This is just another sensational headline by the New York Times designed to distract. If you notice, whenever Trump is getting momentum, the Times or the Washington Post drops one of these anonymous sources stories designed to keep people from focusing on the positive news about Trump. It can’t be a coincidence this always happens. Trump is getting great momentum from Tax Reform, from his win in the Government Shutdown over the Democrats and his great appearance in Davos.

The bottom line: Trump DID NOT fire Meuller! So all this talk is about something that never happened!

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