President Trump Delivers Powerful State of the Union Address; Mark Levin Calls it, “Reaganesque” – Complete Video 1/30/18

Here is complete video of President Donald J. Trump’s first State of the Union Address to Congress. It was a masterful speech!

Trump gave a strong, optimistic “America First” speech focusing on the great successes already achieved with the U.S. Economy, particularly the impact of the massive Trump Tax Cuts. He emphasized the need to keep going, unleashing the American People to reach for their dreams.

He challenged Democrats to compromise to achieve a real solution to the Immigration problem. I think he knows the Democrats don’t really want a deal. They just want to harp on the issue. Trump is giving mightily by agreeing to a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA illegals. But the Democrats, so far, seem unwilling to reciprocate by giving on Border Security and stopping Chain Migration, as well as ending the dangerous Visa Lottery. Trump is calling their bluff by putting a path to citizenship on the table. If the Democrats don’t agree to the deal, it will reveal them for what they are – demagogues who want to use “Dreamers” and the issue for their own political ends. The way we know they don’t really want a deal? Obama and the Democrats could have done this in 2009-2010 without a single Republican vote if they wanted to. They controlled everything for those two years and had a 60-vote majority in the Senate. They didn’t even bring immigration up. They just want to preen and shriek about the issue for votes.

Trump did the best job I have ever seen at a State of the Union of honoring American citizens by telling their stories as they sat with Mrs. Trump in the gallery. He interwove their stories all through the speech. It was powerful.

This was a great speech. Mark Levin has said tonight it was a “Reaganesque Speech.” I agree completely.

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