House Memo Released; Reveals Discredited Dossier Paid for by Hillary used by FBI to get FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump Campaign – Read the Memo 2/2/18

Here is the House Memo released today which shows FBI Leadership used the “Steele Dossier” – funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC – to get a FISA Warrant to spy on Carter Page and the Trump Campaign during the 2016 Presidential Election. They used the unverified dossier, presenting it as evidence, and did NOT disclose to the court that it was paid for by Trump’s 2016 Election Opponent. They also did not say it was not verified.

The damning Memo also includes the fact that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that without the use of the Dossier, the FBI would not have sought a FISA Warrant. So it was key.

So, if you step back from this Memo, it reveals that the Top Leaders of Law Enforcement in the United States used discredited political dirt from the Democrat Candidate for President to get a FISA Court under false pretenses to allow them to spy on her Republican Presidential Opponent during a Presidential Election. Their goal was to prevent Trump from being elected, and then became to bring down his Presidency.

You can argue all the nit-picky things you want about the Memo. But this central reality cries out for Justice.

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