Laura Ingraham Interviews Carter Page – the Man the FBI got a FISA Warrant against using the Unverified Dossier – Video 2/5/18



Here is Laura Ingraham last night with an extensive interview with Carter Page – the former low-level volunteer for the Trump Campaign who was the target of the FBI for a FISA Warrant to spy on him. For the FBI leadership to ask for a FISA Warrant against Page, it meant they were saying they had evidence Page was a spy for a Foreign Government. All you have to do is watch this interview and it becomes obvious Carter Page is not spy material. He has a silly grin through most of the interview, and he clearly is a well-intentioned man who has little common sense. He seems to be enjoying the whole thing way too much. If Page is a spy, we don’t have much to worry about.

The FBI used Page as their excuse to spy on Trump World. That’s the bottom line.

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