Bombshell: New Strzok/Page FBI Text Implicates Barack Obama: “POTUS wants to know Everything we’re Doing”

Fox News’ Jake Gibson is out with a report overnight on newly discovered text messages between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. One message written by Page in September 2016 is a bombshell. It leads to the Oval Office and President Barack Hussein Obama:

Notice Page says “POTUS wants to know EVERYTHING we’re doing.” At the time, both the Clinton Email Investigation was on the table AND we know now the FBI had already opened an investigation into the Trump Campaign and Russia. “EVERYTHING” they were involved in very likely included both.

As you would expect, the Leftist media, Democrats, and GOP NeverTrumpers are already trying to down-play this. Their hatred for Donald Trump is so over-the-top they cannot see what is plainly in front of them. Barack Obama and his Administration, including the FBI Leadership, were out to keep Donald Trump from being elected President, and then were determined to bring his Presidency down once he defeated Hillary Clinton. They colluded together to stop Trump.

Obama had made a big deal about not having anything to do with FBI Investigations in a statement to the media in December 2016. Yet, here you have a key FBI operative saying plainly, “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”

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