Ken Cuccinelli Hammers NeverTrump CNN Stooge Ana Navarro: “I’m Sick and Tired of Listening to Your Shrill Voice in My Ears. . . ” – Video 2/6/18

I love it!

Republican Ken Cuccinelli on CNN last night told the truth about pseudo-Republican vicious NeverTrump stooge Ana Navarro as she interrupted him and talked over him to attack Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly. Cuccinelli dared to say, “I’m sick and tired of listening to your shrill voice in my ears. . . ” PERFECT!

Both Navarro and Van Jones were flat-out lying about what Kelly said. He told an interviewer that some of the DACA eligible illegals never registered for the program because they were afraid, and some because they were “too lazy to get off their asses” and register!

Jones and Shrill Anna Navarro were acting like Kelly called all DACA illegals “lazy.” He did not. But truth means nothing to these Trump-haters.

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