Report: Dem Sen. Mark Warner tried to Collude with Lobbyist for Russian Oligarch to get Access to Discredited Dirt on Donald Trump – Video 2/8/18

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner attempted to get dirt on Donald Trump by going through a lobbyist representing a Russian Oligarch – that’s right, a Russian Oligarch – even as he condescendingly sat in judgment against Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Warner was trying to get in contact with Christopher Steele, the author of the discredited and unverified anti-Trump dossier.

Marco Rubio inexplicably is defending Warner, saying he disclosed those contacts last year to the committee members. But it was NOT disclosed to the American People, and it was not disclosed that Warner told the people he contacted he did not want to “have a paper trail.” He apparently felt he had something to hide.


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