Lindsey Graham on Bizarre Susan Rice Email to Herself Trying to Convince Obama Meeting wanted Russia Investigation “By the Book” – Video 2/12/18

How much more do we need to see to know that Barack Obama and his henchmen set out to sabotage the Trump Presidency before leaving office by setting in motion this entire “Russia Collusion” nonsense?

Lindsey Graham details a newly discovered Susan Rice email sent to herself on January 20, 2017 – Inauguaration Day – in which she oddly summarizes a meeting on January 5, 2017 by saying President Obama told FBI Director James Comey to do the Russia Investigation “by the book.” It repeats the phrase “by the book” more than once – which likely indicates it was NOT being done by the book! Rice was likely trying to leave a paper trail to cover their hind ends on their involvement in setting in motion the “Russia Collusion” frenzy.

It’s a disgrace what they did. But despite their efforts to undermine Trump, he is succeeding in turning the U.S. Economy around. Obama and his pathetic cretins are the worst. The truth will come out, and Obama will ultimately be remembered for this shameful attempt to undo the will of the American voters in the 2016 Election.

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