The Left Writes a Song Urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Run for President: “Run, Liz, Run!” – Video 7/18/14

Israeli Defense Forces Find and Destroy a Hamas Tunnel Under a House in Gaza – Videos 7/20/14

Netanyahu: “Grotesque” Hamas is Guilty of “Double War Crimes” – Video 7/20/14

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/20/14


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 7/20/14

Hamas Video Vows to Give “a Quarter of a Million Hand-Grenades” to “Our Youth” to “Stone” Israeli Soldiers with in Gaza – Video 7/19/14

Gov. Sarah Palin Blasts “Lies” of Barack Obama in Western Conservative Summit Speech; Calls Again for Obama’s Impeachment – Complete Video 7/19/14

Dutch Foreign Minister Outraged at Bodies of Dead “being Dragged Around” Malaysian Airliner Crash Site in Ukraine – Video 7/19/14

Hamas Releases Video Showing Islamic Jihadists Walking through Reinforced Tunnel Carrying Heavy Weapons – Video 7/19/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Barack Obama: “We Could Not have Elected a Worse Man in these times to be our President” – Video 7/18/14

Israeli Defense Forces Destroy Hamas Rocket Launching Station Located in Gaza Civilian Building – Raw Video 7/18/14

CNN Reporter on the Horrific Scene of Malaysian Airliner Shot Down: “We have to be Careful where We Point the Camera . . . ” – Video 7/18/14

Malaysian Official Calls on All Parties to Respect the Integrity of the MH17 Crash Site in Ukraine – Video 7/19/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 7/19/14

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Delivers “We Believe” Principles Speech at Netroots Conference; Sounds like Basis for Presidential Campaign – Video 7/18/14

Dem Sen. Elizabeth Warren Runs Away from Question on Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/17/14

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