U.S. Gen. Anthony Zinni: Obama’s “Rent-an-Army” Approach is the “Weak Link” in His ISIS Strategy – Video 9/12/14

Nancy Pelosi: “Civilization as We Know it is in Jeopardy” if Republicans Win back the U.S. Senate – Video 9/12/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 9/13/14

State Dept.’s Marie Harf Tries to Defend Obama’s “Flailing” Coalition Effort against ISIS – Video 9/12/14

After Convoluted Statement, Obama Press Secretary Finally Admits the U.S. is “At War” with ISIS – Video 9/12/14

Gen. Michael Hayden: U.S. Air Power Alone will Not be Enough to Defeat and Destroy ISIS – Video 9/12/14

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Jay Carney’s Claim that Syrian Rebels Better Positioned Now to take on ISIS “Doesn’t Seem to be the Case” – Video 9/11/14

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin won’t Support Obama Plan to Arm Syrian “Rebels” who May have Sold American Steven Sotloff to ISIS – Video 9/11/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 9/12/14

Krauthammer: Obama Admin Refusing to Say We are at “War” with ISIS Casts Doubt on How Seriously they Take this Crisis – Video 9/11/14

Sec. of State John Kerry Refuses to Say We are at “War” with ISIS – Video 9/11/14

Mother of American James Foley is “Embarrassed and Appalled” at the Obama Admin Handling of Her Son’s Captivity – Video 9/11/14


Going Viral: Obama “Head of Horns” Photo from White House ISIS Speech – Photo 9/11/14

Donald Trump_2

Donald Trump Tweaks Obama: Offers “Free Lifetime Golf” if “Obama Resigns from Office NOW” – 9/10/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel Hammers Obama’s Strategy to Destroy ISIS: “Wildly Off-Base” – Video 9/10/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: “Barack Obama’s Shabby Pretense at a Strategy will Not Defeat and Destroy the Islamic State” – Video 9/10/14

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