Devastating Compilation Video: Obama Makes the Case He would be Violating the Law to impose Amnesty by Executive Order – Video

UPDATE: CNN Reports Obama to Announce Amnesty Order Thursday Night during Primetime – then Head to Las Vegas. . . UPDATE: Jon Karl Says Announcement could come Thursday. . . CNBC: President Obama to make Executive Order Amnesty Announcement Friday in Las Vegas – Video Report 11/19/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 11/19/14

Radicals Put out Target List for Protest in St. Louis Area ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision; “Gateway Pundit” Talks with Sean Hannity about Ferguson – Video/Audio 11/18/14

Alan Dershowitz: “No Moral Equivalence” between Israel and the Palestinians – Video 11/18/14

“Senate Democrats Vote to Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline” by One Vote – Video 11/18/14

Amb. John Bolton: Hamas Applauding Horrific Ax, Knife Palestinian Terrorist Attack on a Jerusalem Synagogue Killing Four Rabbis – Video 11/18/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Asks Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest if Obama still Agrees, “I am Not an Emperor” – Video 11/18/14

Boom! MSNBC Liberal Lawrence O’Donnell Says “Not One Democrat” can Give Legal Justification for coming Obama Amnesty Order – Video 11/17/14

Four Rabbis Slaughtered in Jerusalem Synagogue by Palestinian Terrorists Using Axes and Knives; Three of the Rabbis born in the U.S. – Video Report 11/18/14

Steve Rattner: Jonathan Gruber was Known in the White House as “The Man” on ObamaCare – Video 11/18/14

Courageous Christian Woman Interrupts Islamic Service at National Cathedral to Proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord – Video 11/14/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 11/18/14

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Activates National Guard on Eve of Grand Jury Decision; St. Louis Police Chief Confirms Radical Groups Active in the Area – Video 11/17/14

Flashback 2006: Barack Obama Cites “Jon Gruber” as someone He has “Stolen Ideas from Liberally” – Video 2006

Ron Fournier: Barack Obama has Lost the “Trust” of the American People; Credibility now “Destroyed” in Wake of Gruber Remarks – Video 11/17/14

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