Bitter Hillary blaming “Millions of White People” for Her 2016 Election Loss – Video 9/10/17

Limbaugh: If Ryan and McConnell would Work with Trump “for Just 3 Months” to Pass His Agenda, “Dems wouldn’t have a Prayer for 25 Years” – Audio 9/7/17

Pelosi: Trump agreed to Three Month Extension on Debt Ceiling because Ryan and McConnell Simply Did Not have the Votes – Video 9/7/17

President Trump Pushes for Major Tax Cuts in North Dakota Speech – Complete Video 9/6/17

Huckabee: Trump Deal with Democrats to Clear the Decks for Tax Reform was “a Smart Move” – Video 9/6/17


Trump Approval Back to 44% in New Rasmussen Poll – 9/5/17


President Trump Says He has “Great Love” for “Dreamers”; Urges Congress to Pass a Solution – Video 9/5/17

AG Jeff Sessions Announces President Trump’s Decision to End Obama’s Unconstitutional DACA Decree – Video 9/5/17

Mattis Sternly Warns Kim Jong-un: Threats to U.S. and Allies will be met with “Massive Military Response” – Video 9/3/17

Reports: North Korea has Tested a Hydrogen Bomb; Claims ICBM can be Equipped with it – Video Reports 9/3/17

President Trump Visits Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston, TX – Video 9/2/17

Trump Turns up the Heat on MO Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill to Support Tax Cuts – Video 8/30/17

Nancy Pelosi: ““The Constitution does not say that a Person can Yell ‘Wolf’ in a Crowded Theater” – Video 8/24/17

Texas Governor Knocks Down CNN’s Fake News Attack on President Trump’s Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Region – Video 8/30/17

President Trump Kicks-off Tax Cut Push with Speech in Springfield, MO; Pledges All Help Necessary to Rebuild from Hurricane Harvey – Video 8/30/17

VP Mike Pence Tells Rush Limbaugh: “We will see Houston and Southeast Texas All the Way Through this (Hurricane Harvey) Crisis” – Audio 8/28/17

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