“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 4/18/15

Reporter: Hillary Clinton Cruised Right on by “Elderly People in Wheelchairs” Waiting for Her in Iowa – Video 4/17/15

Liberal Eugene Robinson Calls Hillary Clinton’s Avoidance of Contact with Average Voters, “Control Freakishness” – Video 4/17/15

Flashback Video: Hillary Clinton Claimed She Landed in Bosnia “Under Sniper Fire”; Video Shows She Did Not

Video Shows Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby-Doo Van” Parked in Handicapped Parking Space as She Exits Staged Iowa Event – Video 4/16/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 4/17/15

Buzzfeed: Hillary Clinton Claims “All Her Grandparents Immigrated to the U.S.”; Only One Grandfather Did – 4/15/15


Great Opinion Piece Sets Forth how the GOP can Run Against Hillary as “Tricky Dicky Hillary” – 4/16/15

Chris Christie to Anti-Vaccine Activist at NH Town Hall: “You Can’t Count on Me” to make Childhood Vaccines Voluntary – Video 4/15/15

Chris Christie at His Best: Mocks Protesters in NH who Missed His Arrival at Town Hall Meeting! – Video 4/15/15

Liberal Anchor Jorge Ramos Asks Marco Rubio a “Gay Wedding” Gotcha Question – Video 4/15/15


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 4/16/15

New Mike Huckabee Ad Focuses on Need to Secure the Border: “I’d Like to Think of Myself as a Nationalist” – Video 4/15/15

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ISIS Expansion goes back to Barack Obama and His Incompetency – Video 4/15/15

David Ignatius: Obama “Left John Kerry like a Beached Whale” on Senate Committee Vote; Hung Kerry out to Dry – Video 4/15/15

Democrat Chair wants No Restrictions on Late-Term Abortion; Won’t Answer “When does Life Begin?” – Video 4/14/15

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