Chris Wallace Asks Obama Adviser How Obama could have been “So Wrong” about Destroying Al-Qaeda – Video 9/28/14

Obama Says We are All So Much Better Off thanks to His Presidency – We Just Don’t Know It!! – Video 9/28/14

Joe Scarborough Destroys the Idea that the Oklahoma Beheading was Simply “Workplace Violence” and had Nothing to do with Islam – Video 9/29/14


Another Muslim Man in OK Threatens Co-Worker with Beheading; Said Muslims Beheading Christians “is Just what We Do” – 9/28/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 9/29/14

Mother, Sister of Oklahoma Muslim Beheading Suspect Make Emotional Statement: “That’s Not my Son/Brother” – Video 9/28/14

President Barack Obama

Obama Admits the Intelligence Community Underestimated ISIS! – Video 9/28/14


Report: Ferguson Police Officer Shot as He Stopped Attempted Robbery; Manhunt Underway for Assailant – Video Report 9/27/14

“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 9/28/14

Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Battle against Islamic Jihadists: “It’s Us vs. Them”; “Until We put the Fear of God in Them, They’re Going to Keep Coming” – Video 9/27/14

Mark Levin: How about a Speech from Obama “in Defense of Christians. . . Israel” for a Change – Video 9/27/14

Mark Levin at VVS: “It’s about Damn Time” Obama said We are at War with Radical Islam – Video

Sen. Ted Cruz: Media should Call White House Fence Jumper an “Undocumented White House Visitor” – Video 9/26/14

Rick Santorum Blasts GOP Leadership; Attacks Sen. Ted Cruz for Strong Stand in Support of Israel – 9/26/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 9/27/14

Muslim Man who Beheaded Co-Worker in Moore, Oklahoma Called America and Israel “Wicked” on His Facebook page – 9/26/14

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