President Trump Talks Jobs, Economy at Unveiling of Boeing Dreamliner in South Carolina – Complete Video 2/17/17

Fox News Drama Queen Shepard Smith Again Attacks Donald Trump in Wake of Epic Presser – Video 2/16/17

Palestinian Protester Interrupts Trump Nominee for Ambassador to Israel during Senate Hearing – Video 2/16/17

President Trump Signs Bill that takes Big Step to Undo Barack Obama’s War on Coal – Video 2/16/17

Reporter April Ryan on Trump Presser: “It was Painful for us but Pleasurable for Him” – Video 2/16/17

President Trump takes Questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta; Slams Constant “Hatred” against Him on CNN – Video 2/16/17

President Trump Grinds Liberal Media into the Dirt in Epic White House Press Conference – Complete Video 2/16/17

Over the Heads of the Media: President Trump to Hold Major Rally in Melbourne, Florida Saturday – Video Report 2/15/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Complains because Trump Calls on other Reporters for Questions; Says “The Fix is In” – Video 2/15/17

Pathetic CNN Whines Trump Ignored their Rudely Shouted Questions on Russia Yesterday – Video 2/15/17

President Trump, PM Benjamin Netanyahu Hold Joint Press Conference at the White House; Trump Stands Strong for Israel – Complete Video 2/15/17

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Welcome Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House – Raw Video 2/15/17

Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser; Trump Names Gen. Keith Kellogg as Temporary Replacement – Video 2/13/17

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau – Complete Video 2/13/17

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Forcefully Defends President’s Authority to Defend the Homeland in “Meet the Press” Interview – Video 2/12/17

President Trump, Japan’s PM make Strong Statement against North Korea’s Latest Missile Test – Video 2/11/17

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