Texas Gov. Rick Perry Appears for Booking: “We Will Prevail” in Fight against Blatantly Political Indictment – Video 8/19/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 8/20/14

Unbelievable: MO Gov. Jay Nixon Calls for “Vigorous Prosecution” of Officer Darren Wilson BEFORE Investigation Completed, or Grand Jury Convenes – Video 8/19/14


ISIS Butchers Behead American Journalist James Wright Foley – 8/19/14


St. Louis Police Shoot and Kill “23 Year-Old African-American” Knife-Wielding Man Who Lunged at Officers – Video Report 8/19/14


Ferguson Update: Sources Say Officer Darren Wilson has “Orbital Blowout Fracture to His Eye Socket”; May be 12 Witnesses to Corroborate Officer’s Version of Shooting as Self-Defense – 8/19/14

“ISIS Here” Sign Appears in Ferguson, Missouri During Jake Tapper Interview on CNN – Video 8/18/14

Once Again, Hamas Breaks Cease-Fire with Rocket Attacks from Gaza into Israel – Video Report 8/19/14

ISIS Islamic Army Increasing Threats to Attack the United States – Video Report 8/19/14

Ferguson Update: 30 Arrested Overnight as “Protesters” Hurl Rocks, Bottles, Molotov Cocktails at Police – Video Report 8/19/14

Heartache! MSNBC’s Liberal Chris Hayes Gets Rocks Thrown at Him by Ferguson Protesters – Video 8/18/14

Krauthammer on Brown Autopsy: People have come to Expect “CSI” Speed to Investigations – Video 8/18/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 8/19/14

Friend of Ferguson Police Officer Recounts His Side of the Story in Shooting Death of Michael Brown – Video 8/18/14

Mark Halperin: Indictment of Gov. Rick Perry “the Stupidest Thing I’ve Seen in My Entire Career” – Video 8/18/14

Dr. Michael Baden Answers Questions at Press Conference on Michael Brown Autopsy – Complete Video 8/18/14

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