President Trump Announces Reversal of Obama’s Pro-Castro Cuba Policy – Video 6/16/17

Former Special Counsel Ken Starr: No Evidence of Obstruction of Justice against Trump – Video 6/15/17


Raw Video Captures Moment Radical Democrat James T. Hodgkinson Opened Fire in Attempt to Assassinate Republican Lawmakers – Video 6/14/17


Shooter who Attacked Congressional Republicans Identified as Rabid Democrat, Anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders Supporter – 6/14/17

GOP House Minority Whip Shot in Attack on Group of Congressional Republicans in Alexandria, VA; Multiple People Wounded by Assailant; Capitol Police Took Down Attacker – Videos 6/14/17

Video Compilation: Democrats move from “Collusion” to “Obstruction” in Trump Attacks because of No Evidence – 6/13/17

Sen. Tom Cotton: Democrats have Abandoned “Collusion” Attack on Trump because there is No Evidence – Video 6/13/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Hammers Democrat Hack Sen. Ron Wyden at Hearing – Video 6/13/17

President Trump Meets with GOP Senators at the White House on ObamaCare Repeal; Slams “Obstructionist Dems” – Video 6/13/17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Announces that American Otto Warmbier has been Released by North Korea; Reports say he is in a Coma – Videos 6/13/17

Trump, Cabinet Love it when CIA Dir Pompeo Says, “I’m not going to say a Damn Thing in Front of the Media” – Video 6/12/17

Rush Limbaugh: Comey “wanted a Badge” for being a Leaker – Audio 6/12/17

Rush Limbaugh: Comey did not Tell the Truth about only writing Memos after Meeting with Trump; Calls Comey “a Snake” – Audio 6/12/17

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: No Evidence “Whatsoever” of Collusion between Trump and Russia – Video 6/11/17

Dial Test: Republicans, Independents Give Comey an “F” for being a Leaker – Video 6/10/17

Vile Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Repeatedly uses the F-Word during Public Interview before an Audience – Video 6/9/17 (Warning: Foul Language)

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