Oh My! Mark Dice Narrates Rachel Maddow’s Epic Trump Tax Return Fail – Video 3/14/17

Report: Trump Plans to Cut $20 Billion in UN Funding! – Video Report 3/14/17

CBO Estimates GOP ObamaCare Replacement Plan will Reduce Deficit by $337B and Reduce Cost of Premiums – Video 3/13/17

President Trump Leads Listening Session with “Victims” of ObamaCare – Video 3/13/17

Liberals Push Newly Released Michael Brown Video Claiming He was only doing a Marijuana Deal, not Robbing a Convenience Store! – Videos 3/13/17

President Trump says, “You’re Fired!” to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who Refused AG Request to Resign – Video 3/11/17

Report: Intruder Wearing a Backpack Captured Near the White House “South Portico Entrance” – Videos 3/11/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Asks all Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys to Resign – Video Report 3/10/17

Trump Economy: U.S. Economy Adds 235,000 Jobs in February, First Full Month of Trump Presidency! – Video 3/10/17


Trump Launches Charm Offensive to Win Over Members of Congress – 3/9/17

House Ways and Means Committee Votes to Pass GOP ObamaCare Replacement Bill – Video 3/9/17

Report: President Trump Tells GOP Opponents to ObamaCare Replacement he is Open to Changes in the Bill; Warns them they are “Helping the Other Side” – Video 3/9/17

Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points Memo” on Massive Intelligence Leaks: “Treason in the Air” – Video 3/8/17

ADP issues “Blowout” Private Sector Jobs Number for First Full Month of Trump Presidency – Video 3/8/17


President Trump Surprises White House Visitors – Video 3/7/17

Key House Committee Chairs Unveil GOP ObamaCare Replacement Plan: “American Health Care Act” – Video 3/6/17

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