New Web Ad Hammers Hillary Clinton for Refusing to Give Her View on the Keystone XL Pipeline – Video 7/28/15

John Kerry: Some Things we “Interpret” as Terrorism that Iran does Not – Video 7/28/15


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – July 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Campaign Lowering Expectations; Says Bernie Sanders “Could Win Iowa and NH” – Video 7/28/15

John Kasich Defends Donald Trump; Tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “Leave Him Alone” – Video 7/28/15

Ethiopians (and Many Americans!) Cheer when Obama Says He can’t Run for a Third Term! – Video 7/28/15

New Video on Planned Parenthood Interviews a Former “Procurement Tech” who Harvested Organs from Aborted Babies – Video 7/28/15

Huckabee on “Today” won’t Back Down on Warning that Obama Deal with Iran Will Lead Israel to the “Door of the Oven” – Video 7/28/15


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – July 28, 2015

Donald Trump Says He has No Intentions of Running as a Third Party Presidential Candidate – Video 7/27/15

Donald Trump in NH: “There is a Silent Majority that’s Fed Up with what’s Happening in this Country” – Video

Joe Scarborough Slams “Arrogant” Obama’s Dismissal of Iran Deal Critics – Video 7/27/15


Huckabee: Obama Iran Deal “Will take the Israelis and March them to the Door of the Oven” – 7/26/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – July 27, 2015

Trump at Iowa Rally Slams Des Moines Register as a “Super-Liberal Rag”; Hammers Hillary Email Scandal – Complete Video 7/25/15

Obama Cracks “Birther” Joke during Visit to Kenya – Video 7/26/15

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