President Trump Calls Out “Alt-Left” Violence in Combative Presser; Asks if Statues of Washington and Jefferson are Next – Video 8/15/17

Republican Ken Cuccinelli Tells Leftist Symone Sanders to “Shut Up” after being Interrupted Repeatedly during CNN Interview – Video 8/14/17


Report: President Trump Considering Pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

President Trump Again Condemns Hatred, Bigotry and Violence in Charlottesville; Slams “KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists” by Name – Video 8/14/17

China Bans Trade with North Korea as Trump moves to Investigate China on Intellectual Property Theft – Video 8/14/17

VP Mike Pence Backs up Trump Condemnation of Violence in Charlottesville; Blasts “White Supremacists” and other Hate Groups; Hammers National Media’s Attacks on Trump – Video 8/13/17

President Trump Condemns “Hatred, Bigotry and Violence on Many Sides” in Charlottesville Clashes – Video 8/12/17

Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Says Dictator Kim Jong-un “More Responsible” than President Trump – Video 8/11/17

Trump Presser: “I’m Not Dismissing (Mueller)”; “I Won because I was a Better Candidate” – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: Mueller “Investigating Something that Never Happened”; There was “No Collusion with Russia” – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: “I Don’t Think Iran is in Compliance”; Blasts Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: Kim Jong-Un “has Disrespected” the U.S.; “With me He’s not Getting Away with it” – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: Trump Trolls Putin on Expelling U.S. Diplomats – Video 8/10/17

Sebastian Gorka Denies He ever called Rex Tillerson “Nonsensical”; Says He was Referring to Reporters – Video 8/10/17

President Trump: Unlike Obama, “I don’t talk about what I’m going to do” on Military Action – Video 8/10/17

President Trump Tells Media: Maybe my “Fury” Warning to North Korea “Wasn’t Tough Enough” – Video 8/10/17

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