Frank Luntz: Democrats Taking Big Chance with Anti-Police Speakers Tuesday Night – Video 7/26/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trump Explains Why Hillary Dropped Her Middle Name: “Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton” – Video 7/25/16

Trump / Pence Hold Big Rally in Roanoke, Virginia; Slams Disastrous Hillary Clinton – Complete Video 7/25/16

At Pre-Convention Rally, Sanders Supporters Boo when Bernie Says Hillary Clinton must be Elected President – Video 7/25/16

“Morning Joe” Crew on Donald Trump’s Impressive Convention “Bounce” in the Polls; Confounds Media Narrative about GOP Convention – Video 7/25/16

Bernie Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up” as Hillary Clinton Spox is Interviewed on MSNBC – Video 7/24/16

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed Trying to Speak to Florida Delegation Ahead of Democrat Convention Opening – Video 7/25/16


Open Comments – Monday, July 25, 2016

Trump Gives First Interview on “Meet the Press” as GOP Presidential Nominee – Complete Video 7/24/16

Former Cruz backer Louie Gohmert: “I was Proud of Donald Trump for Inviting” Ted Cruz “to Speak” at the RNC; Explains why Trump must Win – Video 7/24/16

Preview Clips of Donald Trump “Meet the Press” Interview; Says Convention Speech “Optimistic”; Quickly Rebukes David Duke – Video Clips 7/24/16


Open Comments – Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Picks Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Her Vice-Presidential Running Mate – Video Report 7/22/16

Hillary Clinton Already Using Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Broken Pledge: “Ted Cruz was Right. . . ” – Video 7/22/16

Donald Trump Post-Convention Press Conference: Praises “Carpenters, Electricians” who built the Set; Says He doesn’t want Cruz Endorsement – Complete Video 7/22/16

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