GOP, Dem Pollsters Agree that Donald Trump’s Blistering Speech on Hillary Clinton was very Effective (6/22/16)

Donald Trump Delivers Devastating Case against Hillary Clinton: “She Left them (Amb. Chris Stevens and Staff) there to Die” in Benghazi – Complete Video 6/22/16


Open Comments – Wednesday, June 22, 2016


CNN/ORC National Poll: Clinton Lead over Trump Drops from 13 Points to Five (6/16-19/16)


NBC News / Survey Monkey National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Six Points (6/13-19/16)

Obama Propaganda Mouthpiece Says “Radical Islamic Terrorism” is “Just a Political Talking Point” – Video 6/21/16

U.S. Senate Defeats Four Gun Control Measures Pushed to Obscure Real Issues in Orlando Islamic Terrorist Attack – Video 6/21/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reports: Efforts Underway to Take Nomination Away from Donald Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland – Video 6/20/16

Brit Hume: Lewandowski Firing a Sign the Trump Campaign Woefully Unprepared for National General Election Campaign – Video 6/20/6

Corey Lewandowski Out as Trump Campaign Manager; Paul Manfort Now Fully in Charge – Video 6/20/16


Open Comments – Monday, June 20, 2016

Donald Trump: Profiling Muslims to Stop Terrorist Attacks is “Common Sense” – Video 6/19/16

Paul Ryan: Not for Me to Decide if Delegates should Abide by the Will of GOP Voters – Video 6/19/16

Obama AG: Partial Transcript of Orlando Islamic Terror Attacker will Omit His Pledges of Allegiance to ISIS and Jihad – Video 6/19/16


Open Comments – Sunday, June 19, 2016

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