Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Says CNN and Buzzfeed owe his Family a “Serious Apology” for Fake News Smear – Video 1/11/17

Trump Puts Rude CNN Reporter in His Place; Refuses to give Him a Question and Says, “You are Fake News” – Video 1/11/17

President-elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference; Hammers “Disgraceful” CNN for Hyping “Fake News” Attack on Him – Complete Video 1/11/17

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General: Day One – Complete Video 1/10/17

Leftist, Sore Loser Protesters Interrupt Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General – Videos 1/10/17


“Diamond and Silk” Respond to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Attack on Donald Trump – Video 1/9/17

Greta Van Susteren Discusses Her New Show on MSNBC with “Morning Joe” – Video 1/9/17

Trump Meets with CEO of China’s Internet Giant Alibaba; Jack Ma says He plans to “Support One Million Small Businesses” in America’s Midwest – Video 1/9/17

Tucker Carlson Mocks Actress Meryl Streep’s Attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards – Video 1/9/17

Shooter Kills Five, Wounds Eight in Horrific Attack at Ft. Lauderdale Airport; Photo Emerges of Alleged Gunman Holding up Islamic/ISIS Finger Sign – Video 1/6/17

Vice-President Joe Biden Certifies Trump Electoral Vote Victory (304-227) as Leftist Protesters Erupt in House Gallery – Video 1/6/17

House Democrats make Fools of themselves with Repeated Out-of-Order Objections during Certification of Trump Electoral Victory – Video 1/6/17

Kellyanne Conway on DNI Report on Russian Hacking: “We Feel that Way” that it is Political; Why this Scrutiny only AFTER Trump Won? – Video 1/6/17

Obama takes No Responsibility for Doing Nothing to Stop Chicago Murder Epidemic – Video 1/5/17

Sen. John McCain Spoiling for War with Russia? Asks DNI Clapper if Hacking is an Act of War against the U.S. – Video 1/5/16

Dem Senator Says Sec. of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Describes His Relationship with Putin as “Just a Business Relationship” – Video 1/5/17

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