Local TV Crew Captures Suspect in Jewish Center Killings Shout, “Heil Hitler!” from back of Patrol Car – Video 4/13/14

“Morning Joe” Crew Discusses Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Contenders at NH “Freedom Summit” – Video 4/14/14

Brit Hume Destroys “Crybaby” Eric Holder: Obama and Holder have Used Race as “a Shield and a Sword”; Have “Benefited Politically Enormously” from being African-American – Video 4/13/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 4/14/14

Bob Woodward on the Seriousness of the IRS Scandal: “There’s Obviously Something Here” – Video 4/13/14

George Will Hammers The Left’s “Intellectual Poverty” of Calling All Opposition “Racist” – Video 4/13/14

NH Crowd Boos Jeb Bush when Donald Trump Mentions Bush’s Illegal Immigration Remarks – Video 4/12/14


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 4/13/14


Charlie Daniels Tweets: “Is the Bundy Ranch Situation the First Test of Military Against Citizens” – 4/11/14

BREAKING: Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Wins Standoff With Federal Government; BLM Pulling Forces Out – Video 4/12/14

Frame-by-Frame Analysis/Commentary on 57 Year-old Woman being Thrown to the Ground by Federal BLM Agent at Bundy Ranch Standoff – Video 4/12/14

Update on Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada; Bundy believes Feds Seeking to Put Ranchers Out of Business over Radical Environmental Agenda – Video Report 4/12/14

Sen. Jeff Sessions: America’s “Law Enforcement System is in a State of Collapse” under Barack Obama’s Presidency – Video 4/11/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 4/12/14

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Hammers Attorney General Eric Holder for Saying Illegals have a “Civil Right” to Citizenship – Video 4/11/14

Standoff Continues Between Nevada Cattle Rancher and Overreaching Federal Authorities; Hundreds of Protesters Gather to Stand-up with Rancher as Federal Agents Surround Ranch – Videos 4/11/14

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