“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 8/23/14

Star Witness Against Ferguson Police Officer has Outstanding Arrest Warrant against Him – Video 8/22/14

Krauthammer: The “Real Scandal” on Handling of Ferguson, MO Crisis “is Gov. Jay Nixon” – Video 8/21/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel: Current Policy against ISIS “Isn’t Working”; Expansion of Strikes into Syria Likely – Video 8/22/14

DNC Chair: Illegals are “Part of the Backbone of our Economy” – Video 8/21/14

Joe Scarborough on Obama’s Golfing Just after Remarks on Beheading: “Spock with a Pitching Wedge” – Video 8/21/14

After Hamas Breaks Cease-fire, Israeli Forces Hit Rocket Launcher, Mortar Sites in Gaza – Raw Video 8/21/14

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Supports Increased Air Strikes against ISIS – Video 8/21/14

Defense Seceretary Chuck Hagel: ISIS Threat to the U.S. is “Beyond Anything We’ve Seen. . . We have to Prepare for Everything” – Video 8/21/14

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: ISIS is an “Imminent Threat to Every Interest We Have. . . Anywhere. . .” – Video 8/21/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 8/22/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: ISIS Views Obama as the “Weak Link in the West’s Armor” – Video 8/21/14

Fox KC: Brown Family Pathology Assistant “Credentials, Role in Michael Brown Autopsy Questioned by Doctors” – Video Report 8/20/14

“Impartial” AG Eric Holder in Ferguson Reminds us He’s a Black Man and He has been Harassed by Police – 8/20/14

Fox News’ Mike Tobin Reports Officer Darren Wilson was Badly Beaten by Michael Brown Prior to Shooting – Video 8/20/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 8/21/14

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