Dem Sen. Bob Menedez Says Obama and His Admin “Sound like Talking Points that come Straight out of Tehran” – Video 1/21/15

Sen. Rand Paul Describes Obama’s Demeanor as “Kind of Petulant” – Video 1/20/15

NBC News’ Richard Engel: Obama’s Foreign Policy Claims are Wishful Thinking; “Just Not the Case” – Video 1/20/15


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 1/21/15

Iowa GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Responds to Obama’s “State of the Union” Address – Complete Video 1/20/15

Barack Obama Delivers His Long, Lecturing “State of the Union” Address – Complete Video 1/20/15

Sen. John McCain Mocks Obama having called Yemen a “Success Story of His Foreign Policy” as it Falls to Iranian-backed Islamic Rebels – Video 1/20/15

Islamic Group, “The Houthis,” Seize Yemen’s Presidential Palace in Coup – Video Report 1/20/15

Oh My! Jimmy Kimmel Live Asks People if they heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech THIS MORNING – Video 1/19/15

Obama Press Secretary again won’t Say “Islamic Extremism”; Won’t say that Obama will Utter the Words Either – Video 1/20/15

GOP Rep. Diane Black wants to be called “Congressman” rather than “Congresswoman” – Video 1/20/15


Sen. Joni Ernst will give GOP Response to Obama’s “State of the Union” Address Tonight; The Left already Beside Themselves! – Video 1/20/15

Islamic State Butcher “Jihadi John” Threatens to Kill two Japanese Men in 72 Hours if Japan does not Pay $200 M Ransom – Video 1/20/15

National Motto of the U.S., "In God We Trust," engraved above the Speaker's Chair in the House of Representatives Chamber of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 1/20/15

Leftist Michael Moore Posts Tweet Saying Snipers are “Cowards”; Says He Never Tweeted about “American Sniper” Chris Kyle – 1/19/15

Dr. Ben Carson: “I Will Decide by May 1″ whether to Run for President – Video 1/19/14

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