President Trump makes Cryptic Remark during Photo-op with Military Leaders: “The Calm before the Storm” – Video 10/5/17

Senate Intelligence Committee: Still No “Findings” of “Collusion” between Trump and Russia; Witch Hunt Will Continue – Video 10/4/17

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Very Defensive when Called out on Fake News Puerto Rico Narrative – Video 10/4/17

President Trump Visits Las Vegas to Comfort Victims in Wake of Mass Shooting – Video 10/4/17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Hammers NBC News’ “Fake News” Report he has been close to Resigning – Video 10/4/17


Hmmm. Las Vegas Sheriff: “Did this Person get Radicalized Unbeknownst to Us, and We want to identify that Source” – Video 10/3/17

President Trump Talks with Puerto Rican Citizens Amid Hurricane Devastation – Video 10/3/17

President Trump Shakes Hands in Puerto Rico with San Juan Mayor who Attacked Him – Video 10/3/17

Trump Visits Puerto Rico; As “We are Dying” San Juan Mayor Looks on, has Incredibly Low Death Toll of “16” Stated by the Governor – Video 10/3/17


Report: CBS Fires Executive who Posted She wasn’t Sympathetic to Las Vegas Shooting Victims – 10/2/17

LA Times – ISIS Claims Responsibility for Las Vegas Mass Shooting; FBI Says No Connection with ISIS Found; Investigation Continues – Video Report 10/2/17

President Trump Speaks on Las Vegas Mass Shooting: This was “An Act of Pure Evil” – Video 10/2/17


Las Vegas Police Press Release on Mass Shooting: 406 Transported to Hospitals, 50 Dead – 10/2/17

Las Vegas Police Brief the Media on Mass Shooting that has Killed at Least 50 People – Video 10/2/17

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas Kills at Least 50 People, 200 Wounded; 64 Year-Old Shooter Dead – Videos 10/2/17

Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton: Democrats have “Lost Touch with a Lot of American Voters” – Video 9/29/17

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