CNN’s John King: GOP Voters like the Fact Donald Trump “is the Hand-Grenade” that “has Everybody Squeamish” – Video 8/26/15


Raw Video Captures Shooting of WDBJ-TV (Roanoke,Va) Reporters; Two Journalists Dead; UPDATE – Disgruntled Former Colleague Sought; UPDATE – Suspect has Shot Himself . . – Video 8/26/15


Open Line Wednesday Comments & Polling Updates – August 26, 2015

Donald Trump Vows to “Win the Nomination” and the Presidency in Large Dubuque, Iowa Campaign Rally – Complete Video 8/25/15

Donald Trump Boots Rude Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos out of Iowa Press Conference! – Video 8/25/15

David Gergen: 2016 Voters “are Looking for Change,” and Democrats are Not Offering Change – Video 8/25/15

Trump: No State Dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping – “I’d Get Him a McDonald’s Hamburger. . . ” – Video 8/24/15

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle: “The White House has a Candidate and His Name is Joe Biden” – Video 8/25/15

ABC News’ Jon Karl gets Obama Press Secretary to State Obama’s Preference for Joe Biden; Won’t Rule out an Obama Endorsement during the Dem Primary – Video 8/24/15


Open Line Tuesday Comments & Polling Updates – August 25, 2015

Laura Ingraham gets the Best of Charles Krauthammer on “Anchor Babies” and the 14th Amendment – Video 8/21/15

WAPO Reporter: Hillary “Visibly Irritated” and “Quite Angry” at Continued Questions about Email Scandal – Video 8/23/15

Joe Biden has Secret Meeting with Elizabeth Warren; Many believe Biden Close to Getting in the 2016 Presidential Race – Video 8/23/15

Donald Trump Opens Up in Extensive Interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro; Calls Dem O’Malley a “Disgusting, Pathetic Weak Little Baby” – Video 8/22/15

Kentucky Dem Rep. John Yarmuth: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal “Could Upend Her Campaign” – Video 8/22/15

Nutcase Dem Jerry Brown: Hillary must use “Her Best Imagination” to get out of Her Email Scandal – Video 8/22/15

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