Chris Christie: Obama Created the Syrian Refugee Crisis; “He’s a Joke on this Issue” – Video 11/18/15

Ted Cruz Challenges Petulant Obama to Face-to-Face Debate on Syrian Refugee Crisis: “Come back and Insult Me to My Face” – Video 11/18/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Thursday, November 19, 2015

Former Al-Qaeda Operative Turned CIA Double-Agent Tells the Politically-Incorrect Truth about Islam; Quotes from Muhammad, “I have been made Victorious by Terror” – Video 11/17/15

Amateur Video Captures Sound of Gunfire During French Police Raid on Terrorist Hideout in Saint-Denis – Video 11/18/15

French Police Capture Multiple Terror Suspects in Raid on Paris Suburb; Two Terrorists Killed; Five Police Wounded – Video 11/18/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Donald Trump on ISIS: “I’d Get Everybody Together and I’d Blast the Hell Out of Them” – Video 11/17/15

John Kerry Uses the Word “Legitimacy” to Characterize the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack – 11/17/15

Sen. John McCain Blasts Barack Obama’s Failed ISIS Strategy: “He Fails to Comprehend Wars don’t End just because He Says So” – Video 11/17/15

Dr. Ben Carson Says Radical Islamists are Following the Example Set by Muhammad – Video 11/16/15

Sarah Palin Calls Donald Trump the “Standout” GOP Candidate because He is “that Fighter” – Video 11/15/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chuck Todd on Obama Presser: Obama took an “Extremely Defensive” Tone – Video 11/16/15

CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls Obama out on ISIS Failure: “Why can’t we take out these Bastards?” – Video 11/16/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Morning Joe”; Hammers Obama, Hillary for Not being Willing to Say the Words “Radical Islam” – Video 11/16/15

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