21 Year-Old Jordan Spieth Talks about His Amazing Wire-to-Wire Win at The Masters – Video 4/12/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 4/13/15

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton Announcement for President: “She’s Not the Woman for the White House” – Video 4/12/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Responds to Hillary’s Presidential Announcement: “Does America want a Third Obama Term?” – Video 4/12/15


Hillary Press Release on Presidential Announcement has Major Typo: “She’s Fought Children and Families. . . ” – 4/12/15

Hillary Clinton Announces for President in Video Release; Does Not Appear Until 1:32 Mark of the Video – 4/12/15


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 4/12/15

Krauthammer: “Castro Brothers had to Wait through Ten Presidencies to Get to a President Who would Give them Everything” – Video 4/10/15

Obama Shakes Hands with Cuba’s Communist Dictator Raul Castro – Video 4/10/15

Another Absurd Attack on Rand Paul from Reporter Claiming He “Walked Off” His Interview; He Didn’t – Video 4/10/15


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 4/11/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Assumes Mexican-American Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro is Cuban-American – Video 4/10/15

Scott Walker Responds to Obama Slam: “Remarkable” to be Lectured on Foreign Policy by a Man who Called ISIS a “JV Team” and Yemen a Success – Video 4/9/15

Krauthammer: “Demonstrably False” that Obama has any Deal with Iran; Iran Slams U.S.; Says No Inspections of Military Facilities – Video 4/9/15

Reports: Hillary Clinton will Announce Her Run for President on Sunday, April 12 – Video 4/10/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 4/10/15

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