“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 4/19/14


New Poll Finds Hillary’s Numbers Dropping, GOP Surging – 4/17/14

“Good Friday”: Sandi Patty Sings, “Via Dolorosa” – Video

Mike Allen: Democrats Face “Shrinking Map” for 2014 Midterms; Desperately Trying to Hang onto Senate Control – Video 4/18/14

Barack Obama: Democrats should “Forcefully Defend and be Proud of” the ObamaCare Disaster – Video 4/17/14

Pro Golfer has to Jump in the Lake to Get Away from Swarm of Hornets; Stung “20 Times” – Video 4/18/14

Obama on Disastrous ObamaCare Impact: “There MAY have Been Folks who have been Affected in Ways They Weren’t Happy About. . . ” – Video 4/17/14

“Good Friday”: “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” – Video

“Good Friday”: Dr. Billy Graham Explains “The Power of the Cross” – Videos


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 4/18/14

Barack Obama

New Poll Finds Large Majority of Americans Question the Truthfulness of Barack Obama – 4/17/14

Montana GOP Congressional Candidate Takes Aim at a Drone in New Ad – Video 4/15/14


Report: Kathleen Sebelius Mulling U.S. Senate Run against GOP Sen. Pat Roberts – 4/16/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 4/17/14

CNN Hammers Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu for Fake Aspects to Her Latest Campaign Ad – Video 4/16/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Barack Obama “is a Fool and a Weakling” who “Pleads” with Vladimir Putin, “Please, Mr. Putin. Please! Let’s Talk!” – Video 4/16/14

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