Watch Live Video of the 2016 Republican National Convention – Live Video Stream

Gingrich on Media Hysteria over Melania Trump Paragraph: “If they were the same Words, Melania Delivered them a Heck of a Lot Better than Michelle!” – Video 7/19/16

Anita McBride: Melania Trump Speech was a Show of “Unity” – Video 7/19/16

GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn to NeverTrump Republicans: “Get over Yourselves” – Video 7/19/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mother of American Killed in Benghazi Devastates Hillary Clinton: “I Hold Her Personally Responsible for the Death of My Son” – Video 7/18/16

Donald Trump Makes Grand Entrance at GOP Convention to Introduce Melania – Video 7/18/16

Sheriff David Clarke at GOP Convention: “Blue Lives Matter in America!” – Complete Video 7/18/16

Melania Trump Speech at the GOP Convention: “Donald is Ready to Fight for You” – Complete Video 7/18/16

Rudy Giuliani Brings Down the House on the First Night of Republican National Convention! – Complete Video 7/18/16

Obama Press Secretary on Lighting the White House in Blue to Honor Police: “I don’t Suspect that’s Something We’ll Do” – Video 7/17/16

Attempt by “Never Trump” Forces to Undermine Trump Fails On Convention Floor Voice Vote – Video 7/17/16

Must See: Sheriff David Clarke Destroys CNN’s Don Lemon on BLM’s Anti-Police Rhetoric – Video 7/17/16

Cleveland Police Association Head Says Obama “has Blood on His Hands” in Killing of Police Officers – Video 7/17/16


Open Comments – Monday, July 18, 2016

Shepard Smith Jumps on Gov. Bobby Jindal for Daring to Say, “All Lives Matter” – Video 7/17/16

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