Donald Trump: Profiling Muslims to Stop Terrorist Attacks is “Common Sense” – Video 6/19/16

Paul Ryan: Not for Me to Decide if Delegates should Abide by the Will of GOP Voters – Video 6/19/16

Obama AG: Partial Transcript of Orlando Islamic Terror Attacker will Omit His Pledges of Allegiance to ISIS and Jihad – Video 6/19/16


Open Comments – Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Barack Obama is Responsible for the Rise of ISIL (ISIS)” – Video 6/17/16

Sen. John McCain: Barack Obama “Directly Responsible” for Orlando Attack because He Allowed ISIS to Grow – Video Report 6/16/16

Donald Trump Speaks to Enthusiastic Crowd in The Woodlands, Texas – Complete Video 6/17/16


Open Comments – Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trump Warns Hillary Clinton’s Syrian Refugee Influx will be Dangerous for LGBT Community – Video Report 6/17/16

Donald Trump Dallas Rally: “I’m Looking Forward to the Debates with Crooked Hillary” – Complete Video 6/16/16

FL Gov. Rick Scott Tells CNN: “Destroying ISIS” should be Focus, Not Gun Control – Video 6/17/16

Gun-Grabber Dem Senator Admits they can’t Confiscate “Assault” Weapons already in Circulation – Video 6/17/16


Open Comments – Friday, June 17, 2016

Krauthammer: Obama Trying to Dishonestly Change the Subject from Islamic Terrorism with Gun Control Push – Video 6/16/16

CIA Dir John Brennan Contradicts Obama Claims on ISIS Capability – Video 6/16/16

Fox News’ Carl Cameron: “Trump, NRA Essentially in Agreement” on Restricting Gun Sales to People on Terror Watch List – Video 6/16/16

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