Report: President Trump Tells GOP Opponents to ObamaCare Replacement he is Open to Changes in the Bill; Warns them they are “Helping the Other Side” – Video 3/9/17

Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points Memo” on Massive Intelligence Leaks: “Treason in the Air” – Video 3/8/17

ADP issues “Blowout” Private Sector Jobs Number for First Full Month of Trump Presidency – Video 3/8/17


President Trump Surprises White House Visitors – Video 3/7/17

Key House Committee Chairs Unveil GOP ObamaCare Replacement Plan: “American Health Care Act” – Video 3/6/17

Sen. Rand Paul is Already Attacking GOP Replacement Plan for ObamaCare; Touts His own Plan – Video 3/7/17

Mika Brzezinski, Defender of Disastrous Obama Presidency, Calls Trump Presidency “Fake” and “Failed” after Less than 2 Months – Video 3/6/17

Sec. of State Tillerson, AG Jeff Sessions, HS Sec. Kelly Announce President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban – Video 3/6/17

Former Obama Press Secretary Dodges Question on whether Obama is behind Leaks from Intelligence Community – Video 3/5/17

Mark Levin Lays out Questions Regarding Barack Obama using Intelligence Community to Surveil Donald Trump Prior to the Election – Audio 3/2/17

President Trump goes on Offense; Slams Barack Obama for Wiretapping Him Prior to 2016 Election – Video/Tweets 3/4/17

House Speaker Paul Ryan Interview: GOP Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare coming very Soon; Major Tax Cuts in Spring Budget – Video 3/3/17

Black, Anti-Trump Socialist, Former Journalist Arrested for at Least Eight Threats against Jewish Community Centers – Video 3/3/17

Flashback Election Night 2016: PBS Newshour like a Funeral as they Declare Trump Wins the Presidency – Video 11/8/2016

President Trump Aboard the Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Vows “a Great Rebuilding of the U.S. Military” – Video 3/2/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from any Investigations connected to 2016 Election – Complete Video 3/2/17

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