Trump Tweets about the “Al Frankenstein Picture!” – Photo/Tweets 11/16/17

Democrat Sen. Al Franken Reeling in Wake of Allegations He Harassed and Groped a Woman on a USO Tour – Video 11/16/17

U.S. House Passes Historic Tax Cut/Tax Reform Bill 227-205; ZERO Democrats Voted for Tax Cuts for Americans – Video 11/16/17

U.S. House to Vote on Major Tax Reform Bill Today; GOP Appears to have the Votes for Passage – Video 11/16/17

UCLA Basketball Players Released by China Thank President Trump for Intervening on their Behalf – Video 11/15/17

President Trump Reports on Successful Asia Trip; Has “Marco Rubio” Moment – Complete Video 11/15/17

Senate Adds ObamaCare Individual Mandate Repeal to Tax Reform Bill; Democrats Furious; House to Vote on Tax Reform Thursday – Video 11/15/17

CNN: Former Alabama Mall Employee Says He was Told Roy Moore was on the Mall “Ban List” – Video 11/14/17

Jeff Sessions Destroys Grandstanding Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu during House Hearing – Video 11/14/17

Media Not so Concerned if Democrats accused of Sexual Misconduct – Video Report 11/14/17

Sean Hannity Issues 24-Hour Ultimatum to Judge Roy Moore: “Remove All Doubt or Drop Out” – Video 11/14/17


Poll: Trump Job Approval Jumps Up to 46% – 11/13/17

President Trump in the Philippines for ASEAN Conference; Final Leg of Asia Trip – Video Report 11/13/17

John Kasich: It’s “Wrong” to want to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 11/12/17

Happy Veterans Day! Thank You for Your Service – “You are the Ones” – Music Video

Judge Roy Moore Says Misconduct Charges against Him are Absolutely False; Confident Alabama Voters will “See through this Charade” – Video 11/11/17

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