Is Ted Cruz on the Verge of Endorsing Donald Trump? Could be. . . . . – 9/21/16


Victor Davis Hanson: “Never NeverTrump” – Not Voting Trump is Republican Suicide – 9/20/16

Riots Break Out in Charlotte after Black Police Officer Reportedly Shoots an Armed Black Male while Serving a Warrant – Video 9/20/16

Watch Charlie Crist get Laughed at when He describes Hillary Clinton as “Honest” – Video 9/19/16


Open Comments – Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Barack Obama Sings the Praises of Islam again at the U.N.; Calls the Islamic State a “Distortion” of Islam – Video 9/20/16

Donald Trump Holds Big Rally in High Point, NC – Complete Video 9/20/16

Report: Former President George H.W. Bush will Vote for Hillary Clinton against His own Party – Video Report 9/20/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NYC Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Captured after Shootout with Police – Video Reports 9/19/16

Donald Trump Blasts Hillary Clinton on Weak Approach to Radical Islamic Terror; Reads “The Snake” to Overflow Crowd in FL – Complete Video 9/19/16

In Wake of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks, Hillary Clinton Now says She is for “Tough Vetting” to Keep Potential Threats out of America – Video 9/19/16

Angry Obama Berates Black Community: “I will Consider it a Personal Insult to my Legacy” if You don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton – Video 9/17/16

Obama Press Secretary: We are in a “Narrative Battle” with ISIS; Just “Mythology” that the Islamic State is Islamic – Video 9/19/16

Trump Speaks Out in Wake of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks: We Need to Hit ISIS “Much Harder Over There”; Must get “Much Tougher” – Video 9/19/16

Report: Manhunt Underway for Ahmad Khan Rahami in Connection with NYC Bombing – Video Report 9/19/16

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