Vile Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Repeatedly uses the F-Word during Public Interview before an Audience – Video 6/9/17 (Warning: Foul Language)

Dershowitz: Comey Testimony “Puts an End to any Claim Trump Obstructed Justice” – Video 6/8/17

Jonathan Turley: James Comey’s Leaked Memos were FBI Documents; “Very Problematic” – Video 6/9/17

President Trump on Comey Testimony: “He’s a Leaker”; Shows “No Collusion, No Obstruction” – Video 6/9/17

President Trump in Rose Garden Press Conference Blasts Comey the “Leaker”; Says He is “Vindicated” by Comey Testimony – Video 6/9/17

Chris Matthews: Big Story from Comey Testimony is that the Left’s Trump-Russia Collusion Theory “Came Apart” – Video 6/8/17

Marco Rubio Conducts Brilliant Questioning of former FBI Director James Comey – Video 6/8/17

Law Prof Alan Dershowitz Reacts to Comey Opening Statement: No Obstruction of Justice by President Trump – Video 6/7/17

Rep. Jim Jordan: Big Takeaway on Comey Opening Statement is that Comey “Agreed with the President” on Multiple Occasions – Video 6/7/17

Sekulow: Comey Statement Released Ahead of Senate Testimony is “Total and Complete Vindication” of President Trump – Video 6/7/17

President Trump announces via Twitter He will Nominate Christopher Wray to be the New FBI Director – Video 6/7/17

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is Pressed on where the 400 Islamic Jihadist Fighters are who have Returned to London – Video 6/6/17


ABC News: James Comey Will Not Directly Accuse President Trump of Obstruction of Justice – Video 6/6/17

President Trump asked about upcoming Comey Senate Testimony: “I Wish Him Luck” – Video 6/6/17

Remembering D-Day, June 6, 1944 – 73 Years Ago Today; Historic Reagan D-Day Anniversary Speech – Videos

Krauthammer: Real Story of London Bridge Islamic Terror Attack is Lack of Muslim Assimilation in Great Britain and Europe – Video 6/5/17

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