Sen. John McCain Spoiling for War with Russia? Asks DNI Clapper if Hacking is an Act of War against the U.S. – Video 1/5/16

Dem Senator Says Sec. of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Describes His Relationship with Putin as “Just a Business Relationship” – Video 1/5/17

Leftist Former Sanders Staffer Not Sure Attack on Disabled White Male by Blacks Shouting Slurs against White People and Donald Trump is a “Hate Crime” – Video 1/5/16

Tim Kaine gets Corrected by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota for Over-the-Top Attack on Republican Plans to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 1/5/17

VP-Elect Mike Pence Addresses the Media on Capitol Hill after Meeting with House GOP; Vows to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 1/4/17

VP-Elect Mike Pence at the U.S. Capitol: Repeal and Replace ObamaCare is the “First Order of Business” – Video 1/4/17

Classic Joe Biden Clips from Today’s Swearing-in of U.S. Senators at the Capitol – Video 1/3/17

Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News for NBC; Final Day at Fox News will be this Friday (Jan. 6) – 1/3/17

Paul Ryan takes the Oath of Office as Speaker of the House for the 115th Congress – Video 1/3/17


Trump Wins Initial Test with House GOP: Plan to Gut Ethics Oversight Panel Dropped after Trump Criticizes – 1/3/17

Trump Warns General Motors on Producing Cars in Mexico; Slams Disastrous ObamaCare – Video 1/3/17


Report: Trump Team Considering Inviting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Attend Inauguration

Flashback: Compilation Video of Multiple Networks Calling the 2016 Election for Donald Trump – Video 11/9/2016

Sean Spicer Tells CNN it is “Irresponsible” to Demand Trump Detail Actions on Russia while Investigation is Still On-Going – Video 1/2/17


Trump Trolls “Enemies” and “Those who Fought Me and Lost so Badly,” as 2016 comes to a Close – 12/31/16

Kellyanne Conway: Unfortunate if Obama’s Russia Moves are Politically Motivated – Video 12/29/16

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