Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: Fall of Ramadi is a “Big Victory for ISIS” – Video 5/18/15

New RNC Web Ad: “An American Renewal” – Video 5/18/15

Mitt Romney Shows He’s a Class Act in Charity Boxing Match with Evander Holyfield – Video 5/15/15

Massive Biker Gang Fight Breaks Out in Waco, Texas; Nine People Dead, Dozens Injured – Videos 5/17/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 5/18/15

Marco Rubio in Extensive Interview with Chris Wallace; Says Presidents don’t Make Decisions based on Information from the Future – Video 5/17/15

Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Obama is a “Foreign Policy Disaster”; Says, “I wouldn’t Let Him Negotiate a One-Month Lease” for Me – Video 5/16/15

Rand Paul: I want to make Criminal Justice “more Just” – Video 5/16/15


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 5/17/15

Ron Fournier on Obama Iran Deal: Obama could Go Down as “One of the Worst Presidents in our Nation’s History” – Video 5/11/15

More Raids could Soon Follow after Treasure Trove of Info Scooped up by U.S. Special Forces in Syria Raid that Killed ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf – Video 5/16/15

U.S. Special Forces Conduct “Stunning” Raid into Syria Killing Key ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf; Wife Captured – Video Report 5/16/15


FL Democratic Strategist: “Marco Rubio Scares Me”; Could Galvanize Hispanic Vote Behind Him – 5/14/15


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 5/16/15

Report: ISIS “Routs” Iraqi Forces from “most of Ramadi”; Unfolding Disaster Predicted by GOP Leaders if Obama Withdrew all U.S. Forces – Video 5/15/15

Retired Military Official: Fall of Ramadi to ISIS could Lead to Iraqi Forces being Overwhelmed; “All Kinds of Trouble for Baghdad” – Video 5/15/15

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