Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Pushed to Admit DNC, Hillary Campaign were Wrong to Not Admit they Paid for the Anti-Trump Dossier – Video 2/4/18


House Memo Released; Reveals Discredited Dossier Paid for by Hillary used by FBI to get FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump Campaign – Read the Memo 2/2/18


CNBC: Atlanta Fed Forecasts GDP Growth of 5.4% in First Quarter! – 2/1/18

Sen. Rand Paul: “Our Intelligence Community has the Ability to Listen to Every Phone Call . . . ” – Video 1/31/18

Rep. Goodlatte: House Memo will be “Embarrassing for Several People Near the Top of the FBI” – Video 2/1/18

Train Carrying GOP Members of Congress to WV Retreat Collides with Garbage Truck; Driver Reported Dead; Paul Ryan, Other Members of Congress OK – Livestream Coverage 1/31/18

Frank Luntz Tells Mika Brzezinski it was “Inappropriate” for Her to Call Trump the “Great Dictator” – Video 1/31/18

President Trump Delivers Powerful State of the Union Address; Mark Levin Calls it, “Reaganesque” – Complete Video 1/30/18

Rep. Jim Jordan: The same People who were Anti-Trump in the Hillary Investigation began the Russia Investigation – Video 1/30/18

Democrat Nancy Pelosi Desperate to Keep Americans from Seeing The Memo; Tells Chris Cuomo, “You don’t know what you’re Talking About” – Video 1/29/18

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz: Why in the World did Mueller Build His Team with People Tied to Hillary Clinton? – Video 1/29/18

House Intelligence Committee Votes to Release the Memo; Sara Carter – More Bombshells Coming – Video 1/29/18

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Abruptly Resigns; Is it Tied to the House Intel Memo? – Video 1/29/18


Hillary Clinton Tweets a Video Message “to all the Activist Bit*hes Supporting Bit*hes” – Video 1/27/18


Larry Kudlow: Trump Davos Trip was “Highly Successful”


Report: Trump to Focus on Five Areas in State of the Union Address; “Building a Safe, Strong, and Proud America” – 1/27/18

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