CNN’s Jeff Zeleny – “Democrats are in Complete Disrepair and Disarray” for 2020 Challenge to Trump – Video 8/8/17

North Koreans Rally against the U.S.; Vow to “Smash” U.S. “Nest of Evil”; Threaten specific Strike near Guam – Video 8/10/17

Mattis Reinforces Trump in Strong Warning to North Korea: Must “Avoid Actions that would lead. . . “to the Destruction of its People” – 8/9/17

North Korea Threatens to Launch Missile Strike against Guam – Video Report 8/8/17


Report: North Korea has Produced Mini Nuclear Warhead to Outfit Missiles; Game-changer – 8/8/17

President Trump Sternly Warns North Korea in Wake of News they can Outfit Missiles with Mini Nukes: “They will be met with Fire and Fury” – Video 8/8/17

Alan Dershowitz Destroys MSNBC’s Ari Melber on D.C. Grand Jury, Questioning if He’s “Accepted Money” from Trump – Video 8/7/17

North Korea Threatens a “Thousand-Fold Revenge” on the U.S. for Unanimous U.N. Sanctions – Video Report 8/7/17

Mark Levin Hammers Jeff Flake’s Attacks on Donald Trump, Fake Claims of Conservatism – Audio 8/7/17

Pathetic Joe Scarborough Keeps Using Kellyanne Conway as a Punching Bag: “She’s so Stupid it makes My Teeth Hurt” – Video 8/7/17

Report: AG Jeff Sessions Investigating Obama Justice Dept. Funneling $6B “Settlement Funds” to Left-Wing Groups – Video 8/7/17


Alan Dershowitz: Mueller has “Stacked the Deck” against Trump – 8/4/17

Mark Levin on Mueller Probe against Trump: “This is a Coup that should Upset every American – Trump Supporter or Not” – Audio 8/3/17

New NRSC Ad Highlights WV Dem Sen. Joe Manchin’s Support for Hillary: “Manchin is out of Touch with WV” – Video 8/4/17


Report: Trump Following through on Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord – 8/4/17

AG Sessions, DNI Coats Issue Stern Warning to Leakers: “We are Coming after You” – Video 8/4/17

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