President Trump on why he Fired FBI Director James Comey: “Because he wasn’t doing a Good Job” – Video 5/10/17

Sen. Rand Paul on Trump Firing of FBI Director James Comey: The Firing “Couldn’t come Fast Enough” – Video 5/10/17

Vice-President Mike Pence Praises President Trump’s Decisive Action in Firing FBI Director James Comey – Video 5/10/17

Dem Hack Jerrold Nadler Skewered by His Own Words! Called for Firing of James Comey in November 2016 – Video 5/10/17

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Shamefully Sneers, Jeers Kellyanne Conway throughout Interview on Firing of FBI Director James Comey – Video 5/9/17

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Under Leftist Joe Scarborough’s Skin; Quotes Him saying there’s No Evidence of Collusion between Trump and the Russians – Video 5/10/17

President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey; Says New Leadership Needed at Nation’s “Crown Jewel of Law Enforcement” – Video Report 5/9/17

LA GOP Sen. John Kennedy Schools Liberal former Acting AG Sally Yates: “Who Appointed You to the U.S. Supreme Court?” – Video 5/8/17

Former Obama DNI James Clapper: It is “Not Leaking” to give “Unclassified” Information to the Press – Video 5/8/17

Heartache: Even CNN Announcers Call Out Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell for Claiming he has Unclassified Evidence of Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia – Video 5/8/17

Sen. Ted Cruz Exposes Sally Yates for the Partisan Hack She is in Hearing on Immigration Order – Video 5/8/17

Oh My! Dem Congresswoman Turns Constitution Preamble into Pledge of Allegiance “in under 10 Seconds” – Video 5/5/17

France Elects Leftist Emmanuel Macron as President; Will continue Disastrous Globalist, Open Borders Policy – Video 5/7/17

Pathetic John Kasich Still Pontificating, Throwing Stones from the Sidelines – Video 5/7/17

Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein tells CNN she has seen No Evidence of “Collusion” between Trump Campaign and Russia – Video 5/4/17

President Trump Celebrates House ObamaCare Repeal Vote at the White House: “This is a Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare” – Video 5/4/17

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