Obama again Vows “No U.S. Ground Forces” in Battle to Destroy ISIS – Video 9/17/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 9/18/14

Sec. of State John Kerry Lectures “Code Pink” Loons on Need to Stop “Cold-Blooded” ISIS “Killers” – Video 9/17/14

Sotloff Family Spokesman: Obama White House Official “Bullied and Hectored” the Sotloff Family in Meeting – Video 9/17/14

CBS News: “57% of Americans” Believe Obama is “Not being Tough Enough” in Dealing with ISIS Terrorists – Video 9/17/14

ISIS Releases New Video Promising “Flames of War” against the United States: “Coming Soon. . . ” – Video 9/16/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 9/17/14

Krauthammer: Obama’s ISIS Strategy Looks like it is being Made Up as they Go Along – Video 9/16/14

Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Martin Dempsey: If Obama’s ISIS Strategy does Not Work, I will Go back and Recommend U.S. Ground Forces if Needed – Video 9/16/14

Chuck Hagel: 1,600 American Personnel will be on the Ground in Iraq to Assist War on ISIS – Video 9/16/14

Sen. Ron Johnson: Obama ISIS Strategy Like “Poking a Hornets’ Nest with a Stick for Three Years” instead of Eradicating It – Video 9/15/14

“Code Pink” Loons Repeatedly Interrupt Senate Hearing On ISIS: “No Military Solution to This” – Video 9/16/14


Obama Moves to Ban Coolant “Used in nearly every Office, Home and Automobile in the Country” – 9/16/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 9/16/14

Good Grief: Nancy Pelosi Won’t Say We are at War with ISIS – Video 9/15/14

Ron Fournier: Obama’s Disastrous Approval Rating is like “an Anvil to Democrats” in Midterms – Video 9/15/14

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