“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 12/17/14


Fox News Graphic Shows 24 Possible Republican Presidential Candidates – Photo 12/16/14

Megyn Kelly Interview with CIA Interrogator of KSM, Abu Zubaydah – Part 2 – Video 12/16/14

Taliban Attacks Military-Run School in Pakistan Killing more than 130 Children; Forced to Watch Teachers be Burned Alive – Video 12/16/14

College Students Shocked to Find out How Old Hillary Clinton is; How Long since She Drove a Car? – Video 12/15/14


Gov. Jeb Bush Delivers Commencement Address at Univ. of South Carolina – Video 12/15/14

Jeb Bush Almost Jumps In – Announces He is “Actively Exploring the Possibility” of 2016 Presidential Run – Video Report Added 12/16/14

Dr. James Mitchell Slams Democrats’ Biased Intelligence Report for Putting Lives of CIA Personnel and their Families in Danger – Video 12/15/14

Megyn Kelly does Gripping Interview with Psychologist who Helped Interrogate Terrorists KSM and Abu Zubaydah – Video 12/15/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 12/16/14

Australian Police Confirm Two Hostages Killed in Sydney Islamic Terrorist Attack; Terrorist Mufti Sheikh Haron also Dead – Video 12/15/14

Dramatic Raw Video Shows Sydney Cafe Hostages Fleeing as Police Storm Building; Siege Reported Over; Two People Reported Dead, Including Islamic Terrorist – Video 12/15/14

Identity of Sydney Islamic Terrorist Hostage-Taker Reported to be “Mufti Sheikh Haron” – Video 12/15/14

Sydney Cafe Hostage Reads Statement from Islamic Terrorist; Says this is an “Attack on Australia by Islamic State” – Video 12/15/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 12/15/14

Islamic Terrorist Takes Hostages in Sydney, Australia Cafe; Black Islamic Flag Displayed – Videos 12/14/14

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