Flashback: Walter Cronkite Announces the Death of President John F. Kennedy 53 Years Ago – Video November 22, 1963

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin becomes Irate and Emotional as Trump-Basher says the “N-word” in attack on Trump Adviser – Video 11/22/16

President-elect Trump Walks into the Lion’s Den for Interview with the New York Times – Video 11/22/16

Newt Gingrich Clearly Not in Favor of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State – Video 11/22/16

Flashback: Watch CBS News’ Complete Coverage of Trump’s Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election – Complete Video 11/8/16

Ohio Dem Rep. Tim Ryan: Democrats are “Not Even a National Party at this Point” – Video 11/21/16

Donald Trump Gives Video Update on His Plans for Day One of His Presidency – Video 11/21/16

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Biased CNN for Fixating on Trump’s Tweets: “Accept the Results of the Election” – Video 11/21/16

Obama in Peru: “I’m Not Worried about being the Last Democratic President” – Video 11/20/16

Flashback: MSNBC Crew Reacts to Trump Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election – Video 11/9/16

Radical Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Talks Himself Up for DNC Chair on “Morning Joe” – Video 11/21/16

President-elect Donald Trump Warmly Greets Mitt Romney for Meeting – Video 11/19/16

Dem Rep John Yarmuth: Hillary Clinton Lost because “We failed to be Empathetic” to Plight of Lots of People “Who used to be Democrats” – Video 11/19/16

Leftist “Hamiltion” Cast Decides to Lecture Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence at End of Broadway Show – Video 11/18/16

Kellyanne Conway Updates on the Progress of the Trump Transition; Gen. Petraeus being Considered for Key Role – Video 11/18/16

Ted Cruz: 2016 Election was “The Revenge of Flyover Country” – Video 11/18/16

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