President Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick Tuesday Night in Primetime, 8 PM ET


Trump Issues Statement Clarifying Executive Order on Extreme Vetting; Follows Obama Precedent; Slams Dishonest Media – 1/29/17

U.S. Navy SEAL becomes First Combat Death of Trump Presidency in Successful Raid against Al-Qaeda in Yemen –

Islamic Dem Rep. Keith Ellison Attacks Trump Travel Order as “Muslim Ban”; Can’t Explain Why Largest Muslim Nations Not on the List! – Video 1/29/17

Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Beats down Leftist Hysteria over Trump Immigration Pause from Terrorist States in “Meet the Press” Interview – Video 1/29/17

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference with British PM Theresa May in White House East Room – Complete Video 1/27/17

President Trump and British PM Theresa May Pose Together in Oval Office with Churchill Bust – Raw Video 1/27/17

President Trump Speaks to Republican Retreat; Vows Aggressive Agenda will Go Forward to Make America Great Again – Complete Video 1/26/17


Mexican President Cancels Trip after Trump Tweets Not to Come if He’s Unwilling to Pay for Border Wall – Video 1/26/17


Keep up with a Running List of what President Donald Trump has done in His First 100 Days

Raw Video of Donald Trump Boarding Air Force One for the First Time as President – Video 1/26/17

President Trump Announces Order to Begin Building a Great Border Wall on the U.S. Southern Border with Mexico – Video 1/25/17


Report: FBI Finds “No evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties” in Flynn Phone Calls with Russia – 1/24/17

President Trump meets with Labor Union Leaders in the Oval Office; Labor Officials call it an “Excellent” Meeting – Video 1/23/17

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Answers Dozens of Questions in First Daily Press Briefing – Complete Video 1/23/17

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Collapses while Delivering “State of the State” Address – Video 1/23/17

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