Defensive Obama Lectures Trump, other Americans why He won’t Say “Radical Islam” – Video 6/14/16


NBC News/Survey Monkey National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Seven Points (6/6-12/16)


Morning Consult National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Five Points (6/8-9/16)

Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Eric Cantor

House Dems Explode as Paul Ryan Rules Out of Order their Attempt to Push a Gun-Grabbing Bill – Video 6/13/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Speech on the Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism; Slams Abject Failure of Hillary, Obama – Complete Video 6/13/16

Raw Video Captures the Moment Shots Rang Out in Omar Mateen’s Islamic Terror Attack in Orlando – Raw Video 6/12/16

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Many Americans will Find Hillary Clinton’s Approach to Radical Islamic Terror Threat “Unsatisfying” – Video 6/13/16

Trump Calls on American Muslims to Report Suspected Islamic Jihadists in their Midst – Video 6/13/16

Donald Trump Interview on Fox & Friends; Calls Obama a “Fool” for Refusing to Admit Orlando is a “Radical Islamic” Terrorist Attack – Video 6/13/16

Hillary Clinton won’t Specifically Call Orlando Attack an act of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” – Video 6/13/16


Open Comments – Monday, June 13, 2016


Trump Calls for Obama to Resign if Unwilling to Call Orlando Attack “Radical Islamic Terrorism” – 6/12/16

Former CIA Director on Obama Response to Orlando Islamic Terrorist Attack: “The Facts Don’t Seem to Matter” – Video 6/12/16

Obama Reacts to Orlando Islamic Terrorist Attack is His Usual Weak Way; Pushes Gun Control – Video 6/12/16

Islamic Terrorist Attack Hits Orlando, Florida; 50 Dead and 53 Wounded; Killer Pledged Allegiance to ISIS – Video 6/12/16

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