Flashback: Obama’s “Tide of War is Receding” Claim as He Prepares for “Jayvee” ISIS Speech – Video

MSNBC: President Obama Now “Less Popular than George W. Bush” – Video 9/10/14

Political Guru Charlie Cook: “Over 60%” Chance GOP Regains Control of the U.S. Senate in November – Video 9/10/14

New Yorker’s David Remnick: Yes, Obama did Refer to ISIS as a “Jayvee Team”; His Denials are “Disingenuous” – Video 9/9/14

Krauthammer: Obama has “been Dragged Kicking and Screaming” by American Public to Face Up to Reality of the ISIS Threat – Video 9/9/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 9/10/14

Megyn Kelly’s Explosive Interview with Radical Leftist Ward Churchill – Part 2 – Complete Video 9/9/14


Political Analyst Stu Rothenberg Predicts “Sizable GOP Wave” in November Midterms; Says GOP to Regain Control of the Senate – 9/8/14

Flashback: WV Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall Heaped Praises on Barack Obama; Gushed Obama will be Good for West Virginia – Video 2008

Poll: Americans way Ahead of Obama – 65% Support Going after ISIS in Syria – Video 9/9/14

Krauthammer: Obama ISIS Speech will be Full of “Rhetoric,” but likely No Real Strategy for Destroying Them – Video 9/8/14

Radical Leftist Ward Churchill Calls 9/11 Victims “Little Eichmanns” in Explosive Interview with Megyn Kelly; Describes 9/11 Hijackers as “Gallant” – Complete Video 9/8/14

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Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush – Humorous Moments from Joint Appearance at the Newseum – Video 9/8/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 9/9/14

Spokesman for Steven Sotloff Family Blasts Obama Admin for How They were Treated; Says Sotloff was “Sold” to ISIS by Syrian “Moderate Rebel” for “$25,000-$50,000″ – Video 9/8/14

The Great Truett Cathy, Founder of “Chick-fil-A,” has Died at the Age of 93 – Video 9/8/14

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