Donald Trump Hammers Ted Cruz as a “Liar” for Spreading Rumor during Iowa Caucuses that Ben Carson had Quit the Race – Video 2/2/16

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference in Milford, New Hampshire – Video 2/2/16

Chris Christie in Classic “Tough Guy” Mode Attacks Rubio as “the Boy in the Bubble” – Video 2/2/16

Ted Cruz Campaign Chairman Calls Carson Claim of Cruz “Dirty Tricks” False; Cruz Semi-Apologizes Later – Video 2/2/16

Ted Cruz Admits His Campaign Notified Field Operatives at Iowa Caucuses that Ben Carson was Dropping Out; Cruz Semi-Apologizes – Video 2/2/16

Dr. Ben Carson Slams Ted Cruz for “Dirty Tricks” against Him in Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/2/16


Open Comments / Presidential Polls – Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ted Cruz Delivers Long Victory Speech after Winning the Iowa Caucuses – Complete Video 2/1/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee Ends His Presidential Campaign after Weak Showing in Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/1/16

Donald Trump Gives Brief, Gracious Concession Speech after Finished 2nd in the Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/1/16

Marco Rubio Wins the Night with Stirring 3rd Place “Victory” Speech in the Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/1/16


Ted Cruz Wins the Iowa Caucuses; Marco Rubio Surges in Areas Expected to go for Trump; Rubio, Trump Close for 2nd – 2/1/16


Live Results 2016 Iowa Caucuses – Links – 2/1/16


What Do New Polls Show as Iowa Prepares to Vote? Race Tightens in Two with Rubio Surging; Trump has Strong Lead in Two – 2/1/16

Donald Trump Interview on “Fox News Sunday” on the Eve of the Iowa Caucuses – Video 1/31/16


Open Comments / Presidential Polls – February 1, 2016

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