Here are the Enemies with whom Hillary Clinton thinks We Need to show “Respect and Empathy” – Video 12/9/14

“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 12/10/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Hillary Clinton’s “Empathize” with our Enemies Remark: “That Woman is Not Fit to be President. . .She’s Demented”

Gruber Admits Barack Obama’s “If You Like Your Plan, You can Keep Your Plan” Pledge was Not True – Video 12/9/14

Nicolle Wallace Blasts Obama, Democrats’ Put Down of America with Senate Interrogation Report – Video 12/9/14

Gruber Tries to Avoid Admitting ObamaCare is a “Tax”; Admits “there are some Taxes” in ObamaCare – Video 12/9/14

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Rips Jonathan Gruber During Testimony; Presses Gruber to Say How much He was Paid for ObamaCare Deception – Video 12/9/14

ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber Apologizes in Capitol Hill Testimony for Calling Americans Stupid – Video 12/9/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama and the Democrats “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy” with Release of Senate Report on Interrogations – Video 12/8/14

Krauthammer: “We’re Not Going to have any Allies Left” after Obama, Democrats Release Senate Report on Interrogations – Video 12/8/14

Obama Press Secretary Admits Release of Report on Interrogations could “Lead to Greater Risk” to Americans “All Around the World” – Video 12/8/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 12/9/14

Obama Determined to Release Senate Intelligence Report on Interrogations likely to “Incite Violence” and “Cost Lives” – Video 12/8/14

Ann Compton: Obama Launched a “Profanity-Laced” Tirade Against the Press for Coverage of Scandals – Video 12/7/14

Rush Limbaugh on how much GOP should Worry about Hillary in 2016: “Not very. . . The Hype Finally is Over” – Video 12/7/14

Irony Alert: Twice-Elected African-American Barack Obama Calls “Racism” something “Deeply Rooted” in our Society – Video 12/7/14

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