Mark Levin: Obama is “the Most Preposterous and Absurd President”; No Fondness for the Constitution – Video 2/19/15

NBC News’ Richard Engel: There are “Enormous Questions” about the U.S. Plan to retake Mosul – Video 2/20/15

Ed Henry Confronts Obama Press Secretary on Obama Calling George W. Bush “Unpatriotic” – Video 2/20/15


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 2/21/15

Carly Fiorina Slams Obama’s Coddling of Islamic Radicals: “What will it take for Him to Acknowledge Who these People Are?” – Video 2/19/15

Rudy Giuliani Not Backing Down; Asks if Obama Loves America, Why did he Stay in “God D*mn America” Jeremiah Wright’s Church for 20 Years? – Video 2/19/15

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Disagrees with Obama’s Refusal to Name our Enemy: “It is what it Is” – Video 2/19/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s Focus on Assuaging Muslims while Christians being Wiped Out is Truly “Bizarre” – Video 2/19/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 2/20/15

New Gravis Poll Shows Gov. Scott Walker Opening Double-Digit Lead in 2016 Iowa Caucuses – 2/18/15

Obama: “Islam Woven into the Fabric of our Country since its Founding”; First Mosque Built in 1929 – Video 2/18/15

Sen. John McCain Outlines Serious Strategy to Destroy ISIS: “We are going to have to put Boots on the Ground, My Friend” – Video 2/19/15

Barack Obama Defends Islam Once Again in Yet Another Speech on “Violent Extremism” – Video 2/19/15


Great Photo Captures Obama’s Idiocy on Islamic Terror – Photo 2/19/15

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: “We Need a President with the Courage to Identify Who the Enemy Is” – Video 2/18/15


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 2/19/15

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