“Morning Joe” Crew on So Many Democrats Trying to Run Away from Barack Obama: “A Clown Show” – Video 10/22/14

Political Editor: NH Democrat Jeanne Shaheen Lost Debate with Republican Scott Brown – Video 10/21/14

Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Won’t Say She Approves of the Job Obama is Doing; Debate Audience Laughs – Video 10/21/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 10/22/14

Ron Fournier: Sure Sign Democrats are Going to Lose is My Phone Lighting Up with Finger-Pointing – Video 10/21/14

Krauthammer on Dems Running away from Obama: “This is a Total Humiliation for Him” – Video 10/21/14

Obama Helpfully Explains that a Vote for Senate Democrat Candidates is a Vote for Him! – Video 10/21/14

Michael Brown Protesters Spit on, Punch Rams Fans – Video Report 10/19/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 10/21/14

Obama Gives the Middle-Finger Scratch Again after Mentioning GOP; Heckled During Speech in Maryland; Some in Crowd Walk Out – Video 10/19/14

New Ad Features Women Voters Making the Case for David Perdue in Georgia – Video 10/15/14

Colorado GOP Senate Candidate Cory Gardner’s New Ad Focuses on Senior Voters – Video 10/17/14

Kansas “Independent” Greg Orman is Pro-Abortion – Video 10/16/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: Neither Obama Story Line Opposing Ebola Travel Ban “Makes Sense” – Video 10/19/14

Heartache: New Politico Poll Shows Americans believe George W. Bush Managed the Government Better than Barack Obama – Video 10/20/14

Liberal Tina Brown: Obama doesn’t make Women Voters Feel Safe; “I think they are feeling unsafe” – Video 10/20/14

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