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Trump Quietly Agrees to Settle Trump Univ. Civil Case – 11/18/16


Official Trump Transition Press Release Announces Sessions for AG, Flynn for National Security Adviser, Pompeo for CIA – 11/18/16


Trump “Victory Tour” Rallies being Planned for States He Won – 11/17/16

Morning Joe: Trump Taps GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA Director – Video 11/18/16

Reports: Trump Offers Attorney General Role to Sen. Jeff Sessions – Video 11/18/16


President-elect Trump Tweets Ford will Not move Lincoln Production from Kentucky to Mexico – 11/17/16

Report: President-elect Trump has Chosen Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as His National Security Adviser – Video 11/17/16

Tucker Carlson Confronts Liberal NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof: “Where’s your Empathy for Trump Voters?” – Video 11/17/16

Report: Mitt Romney to Meet with President-elect Donald Trump to Discuss Secretary of State Position – Video 11/17/16

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Complete Silliness” to say Trump Transition in Disarray; Pledges to Help Trump; Calls Trump Win “an Incredible Mandate” – Video 11/17/16

Krauthammer: Democrats making a Big Mistake if they Oppose Trump on Ending “Sanctuary Cities” – Video 11/16/16

Joe Scarborough: Source Says Trump Considering Gov. Nikki Haley for Secretary of State – Video 11/16/16

Tucker Carlson does Masterful Job Interviewing an Open Borders, Rutgers Student Protester – Video 11/16/16

Kellyanne Conway: Trump “Already Draining the Swamp”; Will Make Good on Campaign Promises – Video 11/16/16

Oh My! Trump Ditches Press Pool to Enjoy Dinner Out with Family; Media Outraged! – Video 11/15/16

BREAKING: Paul Ryan Renominated by GOP Majority to be House Speaker; Welcomes “the Dawn of a New Unified GOP Government” – Videos 11/15/16

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