Steve Bannon Out as President Trump’s Chief Strategist – Video 8/18/17

CNN Censors New Trump Campaign Ad, “Let President Trump Do His Job” – Video 8/15/17

Mark Levin Fears for President Trump’s Safety after Missouri Democrat State Senator Posts, “I Hope Trump is Assassinated” – Audio 8/17/17

Abraham Lincoln Monument Burned in Chicago – Video Report 8/17/17

BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona, Spain; Multiple Deaths and Injuries; Possible Hostage Situation – Live Video Feed 8/17/17

Tucker Carlson: The Left wants to Tear Down Far More than Confederate Statues – Video 8/15/17

Leftist Joe Scarborough Praises Marco Rubio Repeatedly for His Attacks on Donald Trump – Video 8/16/17

VP Mike Pence in Chile “Stands with the President” in Charlottesville Remarks – Video 8/16/17

Reality Check – CNN’s Own Video Headline: “Trump Condemns Charlottesville Attack” – Video 8/14/17

ACLU of Virginia Tweeted as Charlottesville Unfolded: “Both Sides were Hitting Each Other”

President Trump Disbands Councils as CEOs Cower in the Face of Media, Leftist Pressure – 8/16/17

President Trump Calls Out “Alt-Left” Violence in Combative Presser; Asks if Statues of Washington and Jefferson are Next – Video 8/15/17

Republican Ken Cuccinelli Tells Leftist Symone Sanders to “Shut Up” after being Interrupted Repeatedly during CNN Interview – Video 8/14/17


Report: President Trump Considering Pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

President Trump Again Condemns Hatred, Bigotry and Violence in Charlottesville; Slams “KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists” by Name – Video 8/14/17

China Bans Trade with North Korea as Trump moves to Investigate China on Intellectual Property Theft – Video 8/14/17

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