Trump Goes There: Uses “and Rape” to Describe what Bill Clinton has been Accused of in the Past – Video 5/18/16


Fox News Poll: Trump Surges Ahead of Hillary Clinton; 10-Point Swing from Last Month (5/14-17/16)

Donald Trump Releases List of Eleven Names He will use to Fill Supreme Court Vacancies – 5/18/16


New Hampshire Poll: Trump Within Two Points of Hillary Clinton (5/12-15/16)


McLaughlin National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Four Points (5/11-16/16)


Trump Zings Hillary on Promise to put Bill in Charge of the Economy: “Will He Bring the ‘Energizer’ to D.C.?” – 5/17/16


Open Comments – Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Morning Consult National Poll: Trump Gains on Hillary; Trails by only Two Points (5/11-15/16)


NBC News / Survey Monkey National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Three Points (5/9-15/16)

Reports: Trump Campaign will Wage No-Holds-Barred Battle against Hillary Clinton; Will Raise Bill’s Connection to Jeffrey Epstein – Video 5/16/16

Trump Warns Hillary He will Raise Bill Clinton’s Infidelities during Debates this Fall – Video Report 5/17/16

Former Platoon Mates of Bowe Bergdahl Endorse Donald Trump for President – Video 5/16/16


Open Comments – Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cal Thomas: When will the New York Times Report on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Salacious Past? – Video 5/16/16

Former Trump Girlfriend Refutes Latest New York Times Hitpiece on Donald Trump; Says Trump was always a “Gentleman” – Video 5/16/16


Utah Poll: Trump Extends Lead over Clinton to 13 Points (5/2-10/16)

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