“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 10/15/14

Viral Video: Anti-Meat Activist Enters SF Eatery and Rails about Her ‘Daughter’ “Snow” the Chicken – Video

CBS News’ Major Garrett Asks Obama Press Secretary Why Multiple ISIS Advances “Look like Success” to Obama Admin – Video 10/14/14

CBS News: Advancing ISIS on Verge of Controlling all of Iraq’s Anbar Province – Video Report/Map 10/14/14

“Morning Joe” Crew Cringes at KY Dem Alison Grimes Running Away from Barack Obama – Video 10/13/14

Krauthammer: “Where’s the Air Campaign” to Destroy ISIS? – Video 10/13/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 10/14/14

Mitch McConnell Ad: “Obama Needs Grimes. . . ” – Video 10/2014

South Dakota Independent Senate Candidate Put on the Spot about Time Spent in South Dakota – Video 10/12/14

Must Hear! Mitt Romney in Iowa Lowers the Boom on Obama with a Great Joke!!!! – Video 10/13/14

GOP’s Joni Ernst Skewers Democrat Bruce Braley during Debate with His “Words Matter” Attack – Video 10/11/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 10/13/14

Susan Rice Says Obama is NOT Reassessing His Failing ISIS Strategy – Video 10/12/14

Famed Reporter Bob Woodward: Obama’s ISIS Strategy is “a Mess”; Headed for “a Calamity” – Video 10/12/14

Leftist Paul Krugman: Obama One of the Most “Consequential” Presidents in American History – Video 10/12/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel Gives Devastating Assessment of Obama’s ISIS Strategy – Video 10/12/14

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