Trump Meets with Netanyahu in Davos, Switzerland; Confirms New U.S. Embassy to Open in Jerusalem Next Year – Video 1/25/18

CNN’s Jim Acosta: “Democrats Caved” on Shutdown Battle with Trump – Video 1/22/18

CNN: Progressives Furious with Schumer for Caving to Trump on Shutdown! – Video 1/22/18

Rep. Jim Jordan Talks with Ben Shapiro about Missing Text Messages, Shocking Memo on FBI, DOJ Abuses – Video 1/22/18

Trump Wins Shutdown Battle; Schumer, Dems Cave; Government to Re-open – Video 1/22/18

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tells Democrat Keith Ellison: “If the Government Shuts Down, It’s on You (Democrats)” – Video 1/19/18

“Schumer Shutdown”: Democrats Shut Down U.S. Government in Behalf of Illegals – Video 1/20/18

Rep. Matt Goetz: Intelligence Documents Show the “Entire Mueller Investigation is a Lie built on a Foundation of Corruption”; #ReleaseTheMemo – Video 1/18/18

Rep. Matt Goetz: “Heads will Roll” at DOJ, FBI if Classified Memo on FISA Abuse is Released – Video 1/19/18

Donald Trump becomes first Sitting U.S. President to Address “March for Life” Rally in Washington – Video 1/19/18

White House Doctor Declares Donald Trump is “Fit for Duty” as President; Scored 30/30 on Cognitive Assessment – Video 1/16/18

Rush Limbaugh: “Journalists” on TV and in White House Press Corps are “Actors” – Audio 1/15/18


Trump Responds to Leftist Outrage over his “Sh*thole Countries” Remark: “I want a Merit-based System of Immigration” – 1/12/18

Tucker Carlson Asks, “Why the Outrage?” over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

CNN Drama Queens in Full Outrage Mode over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

President Trump Advocates Merit-based Immigration Policy by Questioning Immigration from “Sh*thole Countries” – Video Report 1/11/18

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