“Open Line Comments” – 4/9/14

Attorney General Eric Holder in Testimony Mentions some kind of Gun Control “Smart Bracelet” Technology for Gun Owners – Video 4/8/14

GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold Passes on Questioning Eric Holder: Any Average Citizen would be “in Jail” for Ignoring Subpoenas – Video 4/8/14

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Strikes a Nerve with Attorney General Eric Holder: “You Don’t Want to Go there, Buddy” – Video 4/8/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Shows How Obama’s White House does Worse than the National Average on Pay Equity between Men and Women – Video 4/8/14

Brit Hume: Obama Foreign Policy “is in Danger of Collapse” – Video 4/8/14

Report: Rev. Al Sharpton Operated as an FBI Informant, Secretly Recording Conversations with Known NY Mafia Figures – Video Report 4/8/14

House Speaker John Boehner Admits GOP has Gone Along with “8 or 9 Changes” to ObamaCare in the last Three Years; Disputes it is Expanding the Law – Video 4/7/14

National Champion UConn’s Star Point Guard, Shabazz Napier: “There are Hungry Nights when I go to Bed and I’m Starving” – Video 4/6/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 4/8/14

Once Again, Pathetic Harry Reid Attacks Koch Brothers on the Floor of the U.S. Senate – Video 4/7/14

GOP Rep. Tom Cotton: “In the Long Run, We have to Repeal ObamaCare Entirely” – Video 4/7/14

Moore, Oklahoma Residents Run Westboro Protesters Away – Raw Video 4/6/14

Krauthammer Slams Gov. Jeb Bush’s Soft on Illegal Immigration Remarks; Believes Bush “Likely” to Run in 2016 – Video 4/7/14

Former Defense Sec. Robert Gates on Vladimir Putin: I Looked into Putin’s Eyes and Saw “a Stone-Cold Killer” – Video 4/6/14

Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney Dead at Age 93 – Video 4/6/14

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