Pathetic John Kasich Still Pontificating, Throwing Stones from the Sidelines – Video 5/7/17

Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein tells CNN she has seen No Evidence of “Collusion” between Trump Campaign and Russia – Video 5/4/17

President Trump Celebrates House ObamaCare Repeal Vote at the White House: “This is a Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare” – Video 5/4/17

Huge Victory: U.S. House Votes 217-213 to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 5/4/17

Krauthammer: “Major Achievement” if Trump able to get House to Pass ObamaCare Repeal and Replace – Video 5/3/17

U.S. House of Representatives to Vote on Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare Today; GOP Leaders say they have the Votes – Video Report 5/4/17

CNN Media Guru Admits: “I Share Fake Stories by Accident like Everybody Else Does” – Video 5/2/17

Pathetic Hillary Clinton Blames Her Election Defeat on FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks – Video 5/2/17

Congress Reaches Bi-Partisan Budget Spending Deal through September 30; No Government Shutdown – Video Report 5/1/17

Chris Matthews Admits on MTP Donald Trump has “the Media Killing Him Every Day”; The NYT does Long-Form Stories “Against Him” Daily – Video 4/30/17

Trump Ends Oval Office Interview with CBS News’ John Dickerson as Dickerson Repeats Multiple Questions Defending their Precious Obama – Video 4/30/17

President Trump Reads “The Snake” at PA Rally to Illustrate the Threat of Open Borders and Radical Islamic Terrorism – Video 4/29/17

President Donald Trump Rallies Pennsylvania Voters on the 100th Day of His Presidency – Complete Video 4/29/17


White House Correspondents’ Dinner to Feature Muslim Comic while Trump Rallies with Pennsylvania Voters – 4/29/17

President Trump on Ted Cruz: “I Really Liked (Him), Didn’t Like, and Now Like a Lot Again” – Video 4/28/17

Why does Donald Trump Call Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”? She Claimed to be Native-American for 1/32nd Cherokee Heritage! – Video 4/28/17

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