Open Comments – Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Report: Trump Campaign Tried to Seat Clinton Sexual Assault Accusers in VIP Seats; Debate Commission Protected Hillary and Forbade it – Video 10/10/16

Epic Debate Moment: Trump Tells Hillary Clinton “You’d be in Jail” if He was in Charge of the Law – Video 10/9/16

Joe Scarborough: Trump “Dominated” 2nd Debate; Mika: “Epic” Trump Performance – Video 10/10/16

Krauthammer: Trump “Saved His Campaign” with Debate Peformance; Still Behind Clinton – Video 10/9/16

Frank Luntz: Trump Debate Performance “So Significant that He is Back in this Race” – Video 10/9/16

Complete Video of 2nd 2016 Presidential Debate Dominated by Donald Trump – Video 10/9/16


Open Comments – Monday, October 10, 2016

Nevada GOP Rep. Joe Heck Booed by some for Announcing He will No Longer Support Donald Trump – Video 10/8/16

Donald Trump Vows to “Never Withdraw” from the Presidential Race – Video Report 10/8/16


Report: GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions urging Trump to “Consider Dropping Out” of Presidential Race – 10/8/16

Donald Trump

Conservative Hugh Hewitt Calls on Donald Trump to “Withdraw” from Presidential Race – 10/8/16

CNN: WikiLeaks Releases Podesta Emails that would be “Devastating” to Hillary Campaign if not for Trump Video – Video 10/8/16


Open Comments – Saturday, October 8, 2016

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Lewd Remarks Video “Could be It” – The End of His Presidential Campaign – Video 10/7/16

Fox 10 Phoenix: “Will the WAPO Recording of Trump Sink Him?” – Video 10/7/16

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