NBC News’ Richard Engel Gives Devastating Assessment of Obama’s ISIS Strategy – Video 10/12/14

CNN: ISIS on the Verge of Taking the City of Kobani, Syria; Thousands of Kurds Trapped – Video Report 10/12/14

CNN: ISIS Advancing on Baghdad from the West and the North; 10,000 ISIS Jihadists Deployed to Anbar Province – Video Report 10/12/14

Krauthammer: Slide in Obama Approval has Resumed, and it is Weighing Down Democrats – Video 10/10/14


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 10/12/14

Townhall: “The Ad Mitch McConnell should Run in KY” – Video 10/10/14

Heartache: Michelle Obama Gets Name Wrong of Iowa Democrat She’s Campaigning For! – Video 10/10/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 10/11/14

Desperate Dem Wendy Davis uses Wheel-Chair in Attack Ad against Wheel-Chair Bound GOP Candidate Greg Abbott – Video 10/10/14

NC GOP Senate Candidate Thom Tillis Hammers Dem Sen. Kay Hagan for Choosing a Posh Fundraiser over a Classified Intelligence Briefing – Video 10/9/14

Report: ISIS moves into Baghdad Suburb; Encircling the City; May be Prepping Assault on the “Green Zone” – Video 10/10/14

U.S. Military Admits Airstrikes Alone won’t Save Syrian City of Kobani from ISIS; See Map of ISIS Territory – Video 10/9/14

Violent Protesters Smash Police Car Windows in South St. Louis over Death of Black Male who Shot at Police – Video 10/9/14

KY Senate Dem Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes Refuses Four Times to Say Whether She Voted for Barack Obama! – Video 10/9/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 10/10/14

“Independent”, former Democrat Kansas Senate Candidate Greg Orman does Not Think Kansas Voters have a Right to Know Who He Will Caucus with if Elected – Video 10/9/14

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