Trump goes after “Rafael (Ted) Cruz, Straight out of the Hills of Canada” – Video 4/23/16

Donald Trump does Great Impression of “Crooked Hillary Clinton!” – Video 4/23/16


Open Comments – Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fox News California GOP Poll: Donald Trump Lapping the Field with a 27-Point Lead (4/18-21/16)

Fox News Indiana GOP Poll: Trump Leading Ted Cruz by Eight Points (4/18-21/16)


Harrington: “I Have Declared that Mathematically, Ted Cruz is the Nominee”; “99% Chance of this Occurring” – 4/22/16

Trump Convention Manager Paul Manafort: “There’s Not Going to be a Second Ballot” at the GOP Convention – Video 4/19/16

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Will Win the GOP Nomination before the Convention; Could have 1300 Delegates by June 8 – Video 4/20/16

Obama Reacts to the Death of Prince during Press Conference in Great Britain – Video 4/22/16

Tucker Carlson Calls New Ted Cruz Attack Ad against Trump for being Rich, “Silly” – Video 4/22/16

Howey Politics Indiana GOP Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by Six Points (4/18-21/16)


Open Comments – Friday, April 22, 2016


Magellan: If Colorado Republicans had been Allowed to Vote, Trump Beats Cruz. . .

Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies CA GOP Primary Poll: Trump Opens Up 18 Point Lead (4/11-14/16)

Trump on Laura Ingraham Show: #NeverTrump Crowd is “Starting to Give Up”; “We’re going to Beat Hillary” – Audio 4/21/16

Muhlenberg Polling Expert: Trump Poised to Run very Strong in PA and other Northeast Primaries on Tuesday – Audio 4/21/16

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