Ted Cruz does Great Interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; Ties Hillary to Socialist Bernie Sanders – Video 7/23/15

Trump Smacks Down MSNBC’s Jose Diaz Balart: “No, No, You’re Finished” – Video 7/23/15

Donald Trump in Laredo, TX Praises the Border Patrol: Says they are Not being Allowed to do their Job – Video 7/23/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – July 24, 2015

Donald Trump Press Conference in Laredo, Texas after Touring the Border – Video 7/23/15

Obama White House: Don’t Believe the Plain Truth of the Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos – Video 7/22/15

Leftist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio won’t Endorse Socialist Bernie Sanders; Doesn’t Endorse Hillary, but does Praise Her – Video 7/23/15


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – July 23, 2015


Election 2016 Polling Update – 7/22/15

MSNBC Panel Calls Selling of Aborted Babies’ Body Parts, “An Act of Generosity” – Video 7/21/15

Second Video Released Showing another Planned Parenthood Official Talking about using “Less Crunchy” Abortion Procedures to Harvest, Sell Body Parts – Video 7/21/15


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – July 22, 2015

Trump in SC Gives out Lindsey Graham’s Phone Number; Says Graham Sought Influence and Money from Him – Video 7/21/15

In Wake of Deal with Iran, Obama Stumbles over Name of U.S. Hostage Still in an Iranian Prison – Video 7/21/15

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States – Complete Video 7/21/15

Trump to McCain: “If there was a Misunderstanding, I would Totally Take that Back” – Video 7/20/15

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