“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 8/27/14

Obama Fatigue: Montage of American Legion giving Obama very Tepid Applause during Speech – Video 8/26/14

Voice Chat Audio may have Captured the Gunshots that Killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO – Audio 8/9/14

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ABC News: ISIS Holding 26 Year-Old American Woman Captive; Threatening to Execute Her Unless Demands Met – Video 8/26/14

Shock Revelation: “There’s No Such Thing as Lois Lerner’s Missing Emails. It’s All been a Big Lie”

Former Obama Law Professor Likens Michael Brown Shooting to Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Video 8/25/14

Great New NM Senate Ad Hammers Obama with His Own Words – Video 8/25/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 8/26/14

Former Sen. Jim Webb Visits Iowa; Buzz Begins about Possible 2016 Presidential Run against Hillary Clinton – Video 8/23/14

Raw Video: Israeli Defense Forces Aircraft Destroys Hamas Rocket Launcher in Gaza Moments after Rocket Attack – Video 8/24/14

Raw Security Video Shows Moment 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Napa, California – Raw Video 8/24/14

Update: Napa, California Picking up the Pieces after 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Sunday – Video Report 8/24/14

“Open Line Monday Comments” – 8/25/14

Brigitte Gabriel: Homeland Security Monitoring Possible ISIS Members in the United States – Video 8/23/14

Democrat Rep. Lacy Clay Warns of more “Problem in the Streets” of Ferguson if “Justice” is Not Done – Video 8/24/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Must Admit to Himself His Strategy in Iraq has Failed – Video 8/24/14

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