GOP to Unveil Massive Tax Reform Plan Wednesday; Kevin McCarthy Previews – Video 10/31/17

Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow Reacts to Mueller Charges against Low-Level Trump Campaign Volunteer George Papadopoulos – Video 10/31/17

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Brings 12 Charges against Paul Manafort; Charges have Nothing to do with Trump – Video 10/30/17

Reports: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Gets First Indictment(s) from Grand Jury; Arrest could come Monday – Video 10/28/17

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “That’s Just Not Right” that Hillary Campaign Chair Told Congress they Didn’t Pay for Fake “Trump Dossier” – Video 10/26/17

Ted Cruz Tells GOP Senate Colleagues: “Shut Up and Do Your Job” of passing the Trump Agenda – Audio 10/25/17

Rush Limbaugh on NeverTrump GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: “He thought he would become a National Hero,” but He Failed – Audio 10/26/17

Rush Limbaugh: The Huge Scandal is the Democrats Collusion with Russia to Pass Off Fake Dossier as Actual Intelligence Info – Audio 10/26/17

U.S. House Passes Budget Bill 216-212 Paving the Way for Trump Tax Cuts – Videos 10/26/17

President Trump Hammers Hillary, DNC for Paying for Fake Dossier from the Russians – Video 10/25/17

WAPO: Hillary Clinton, DNC Paid for Infamous “Trump Dossier”; Paid Fusion GPS to Create Dossier with Russians against Trump – Video 10/24/17

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: If Corker would “get on Board” instead of “Grandstanding,” Much could be Accomplished – Video 10/24/17

NeverTrump GOP Sen. Jeff Flake won’t Seek Re-Election; Attacks Trump in Holier-than-Thou Floor Speech – Video 10/24/17

MSNBC Hitpiece on Trump Border Wall Interrupted by Illegals Jumping Short Border Fence! – Video 10/23/17

GOP Rep. Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, Calls Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson’s Actions “Disgusting” and “Embarrassing” – Video 10/20/17

Gold Star Widow Releases Audio of Call President Trump made to Her to Honor Her Husband Killed in Afghanistan – Audio 4/2017

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