Report: Montana Democrat Sen. John Walsh Hit with Plagiarism Charges over 2007 Army War College Thesis – Video 7/24/14


Report: David Gregory on His Way Out at “Meet the Press”; Joe and Mika, or Chuck to Replace? – 7/24/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 7/24/14

Megyn Kelly Asks Muslim Accuser of Israel: “How is Hamas Not to Blame for those Civilian Deaths” in Gaza? – Video 7/23/14

Obama’s Law Professor “Wouldn’t Bet the Farm” on ObamaCare Surviving – Video 7/23/14

Michael Bloomberg Speaks with CNN from Jerusalem; Again Blasts FAA Decision to Halt U.S. Air Traffic into Israel – Video 7/23/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton is “a 20th Century Candidate”; “Extremely Vulnerable on Her Record” – Audio 7/22/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s Continued Fundraisers being Questioned “For Good Reason” – Video 7/23/14

Sen. John McCain: Vladimir Putin “is Literally Getting Away with Murder”; Slams Obama’s Weak Response – Video 7/22/14

Sen. Rand Paul: Hamas could “Run out of Rockets”; May only have “2-3 Week Supply” – Video 7/22/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 7/23/14


David Perdue Upsets Jack Kingston in Georgia GOP Senate Primary Runoff Election – 7/22/14


Michael Bloomberg Slams Obama Admin for Stopping U.S. Air Carriers from Flying to Israel; Will Fly on El Al to Israel in Solidarity – 7/22/14


Political Analyst Charlie Cook: Not so Fast on Dismissing Gov. Rick Perry’s 2016 Presidential Hopes – 7/22/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Confronts Obama Press Secretary on Why TV Coverage was Not Allowed of Apollo 11 Heroes White House Visit – Video 7/22/14


BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Deals Huge Blow to ObamaCare; Strikes Down Provision of Subsidies in States with No Exchange – 7/22/14

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