Here’s an ad for Democrat Jeff Barth, hoping to run against Republican Rep. Kristi Noem in South Dakota. Probably the only political ad this year that will feature a mannequin, a schoolroom globe, a “state chess champion” and touting that the candidate raised “daughters with straight teeth.”

South Dakota Democrat Runs Web Ad Featuring a Mannequin and Raising Daughters “with Straight Teeth” – Video

This ad, by the pro-Obama SuperPAC “Priorities USA Action,” is exactly why if you decide to seek your party’s nomination for President, you must think very carefully before putting your personal ambition as the most important goal. Employing a “scorched earth policy” in a primary only gives ammunition to the real opponent to use against the eventual nominee.

“Scorched Earth” Attacks on Romney by GOP Primary Rivals being used by Obama SuperPAC in New Ad – Video 5/22/12

Here is a follow-up ad from the Mitt Romney Campaign that goes right after the Auto Bailout the Obama Campaign is always touting. It features workers who were not part of the windfall payoff to Big Labor that the bailout was all about.

THE CAMPAIGN SPOT – Jim Geraghty: Mitt Romney’s campaign is unveiling a web video, “A Few More of the 23 Million,” spotlighting a few more individuals who are unemployed, under-employed, or struggling because of the economic decisions of the Obama administration.

The ad spotlights non-union Delphi employees were given less favorable benefits than union employees during the auto bailout and GM restructuring. They hit Vice President Biden for his recent comment that non-union employees “did fine” under the deal; clearly, these employees don’t agree. . . . Read More

New Romney Ad Focuses on Non-Union Employees who Did Not Get Obama’s Bailout Payoff to Big Labor – Video 5/18/12

Here is video of Mitt Romney’s first 2012 General Election Campaign Ad: “Day One.” It highlights three things President Romney would do on “Day One” as President:

1. “President Romney immediately approves the Keystone Pipeline.”

2. “President Romney introduces Tax Cuts & Reforms that reward job creators – not punish them.”

3. “President Romney issues the order to begin replacing ObamaCare with common sense healthcare reform.”

Mitt Romney Rolls Out First 2012 General Election Campaign Ad: “Day One” – Video 5/17/12

Here is a new Repbulican National Committee ad that uses the words of Joe Biden during the 2008 Democrat Nomination battle against Barack Obama. At that time, Biden said Obama was “not ready” to be President. The ad then shows clips of various people talking about Obama’s failure to turn around the U.S. Economy, particularly the problem of unemployment. It then says Obama is “still not ready.”

New RNC Ad Uses Joe Biden’s “Not Ready” Remark about Obama: “Still Not Ready” – Video 4/26/12

Another great Romney Campaign Ad in their “Obama Isn’t Working (OIW) series.

This time is uses Obama’s words at the 2008 Democrat Convention in Denver against him, pointing out you won’t hear him describing the same “measure of progress” in Charlotte later this year.

Romney Campaign Releases New “Obama Isn’t Working (OIW)” Ad Using Obama’s 2008 “Measure of Progress” Against Him – Video 4/18/12

Here’s a new Newt Gingrich web ad that focuses on the price of gasoline, and features Obama’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu laughingly admitting he doesn’t own a car.

New Gingrich Ad Hits Obama on Gas Prices and Features Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu Laughingly Admitting “I Don’t Own a Car” – Video 3/19/12

Here is a new pro-Newt Gingrich ad by the SuperPAC supporting him – “Winning our Future.” The ad focuses on the success of the U.S. Economy during the 1990’s, which it attributes to the leadership of Newt Gingrich. The ad says “Newt Gingrich has the experience to enact a prosperity agenda.”

New SuperPAC Ad Says “Newt Gingrich has the Experience to Enact a Prosperity Agenda” – Video 2/20/12

Here is video of a new ad from the Newt Gingrich Campaign called “The Decision.” In the ad, Gingrich said this year’s election is the most important in American History “since 1860.” Gingrich said it is a choice between continuing down the road of Obama’s disastrous policies, or “repudiating an 80-year drift to the Left” in America.

New Gingrich Ad: “The Decision” – Video 2/13/12

Here is video of a new Republican National Committee (RNC) ad called “My Daughter’s Future,” and it hammers Barack Obama for running up massive deficits that mortgage the future for America’s children.

New RNC Ad Hammers Obama for Mortgaging the Future of America’s Children – Video 2/13/12

WOW! The RNC needs to figure out a way to make sure this ad – or one like it – plays nationwide from now to Election Day in November.

“I voted for Obma . . . We were the Obama Generation . . . We are the Debt Generation . . . I will not be voting for Obama.”

H/T Tennessee College Republicans via Gateway Pundit

Outstanding Ad Highlights Generational Theft of Obama’s Leftist Agenda: “We WERE the Obama Generation. . . We ARE the Debt Generation” – Video

What a great ad!

The outstanding ad is from the Mark Oxner for Congress Campaign. Oxner is hoping to be the Republican nominated to run in the Fall for Florida’s new 27th Congressional District, likely against far-Left Democrat Alan Grayson.

The ad depicts Obama as the Captain of the “ship” of state (named U.S.S. Obamaboat with the name “Constitution” marked through with a line), ready to steer it over a waterfall. Oxner’s voice is heard saying, “Let’s not enslave our children with debt. It’s time to turn this ship around.” The ad shows children rowing the ship while some party on the deck praising how “this ship” has provided an abundance of things for them.

Notice how leftist Alan Grayson is depicted as Obama’s parrot!

Great New Ad Depicts Obama as Captain Steering “Ship” of State over a Waterfall – Video

Here is video of President Obama’s first campaign ad of 2012. It actually tries to make the claim that his administration is “unprecedented” in how “ethical” it has been! I kid you not. Like how they rammed ObamaCare down the throats of the American people by hook and by crook.

First Campaign Ad of 2012 for President Barack Obama: “Unprecedented” – Video 1/18/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney Ad that goes right at Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry (without naming them) for their “Vulture Capitalism” attacks on Romney’s work at Bain Capital.

The new ad defends Romney’s record of job creation, and then says:

“We expected the Obama Administration to put free markets on trial. But as the Wall Street Journal said, ‘Mr. Romney’s GOP Opponents are embarrassing themselves by taking the Obama Line.'”

New Mitt Romney Ad Quotes WSJ: “Mr. Romney’s GOP Opponents are Embarrassing Themselves by Taking the Obama Line” – Video 1/13/12

Here is video of a new counterattack ad by pro-Mitt Romney SuperPAC “Restore our Future.” It is running in South Carolina and Florida, and it labels Newt Gingrich’s recent attacks on Mitt Romney as “desperate,” pointing out that Gingrich has “more baggage than the airlines.”

Romney SuperPAC Counterattacks in New Ad; Labels Gingrich “Desperate” because He has “More Baggage than the Airlines” – Video 1/12/12

Here is a closing web ad by the Jon Huntsman Campaign just ahead of today’s New Hampshire Primary. It features Huntsman’s comments during the debate this past Saturday night when he was asked to describe what New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free or Die” means to him.

I have to say, the presentation of the remarks in this ad makes them sound much more impressive than they did during the debate. As they say, “Presentation is everything.”

Jon Huntsman’s Closing Ad for New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die” – Video 1/9/12

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