This is one of the great ads of the 2012 Election Season – or any Election Season. I posted it many months ago when it first came out, but as we now stand three weeks from Election Day, it’s worth posting it again. It is directed at Catholic Voters. But the message is effective to anyone who shares many of the same conservative values.

Replay: One of the Great Ads of the 2012 Election Season – “Test of Fire: Election 2012″ – Video

Here is video of Mitt Romney’s first 2012 General Election Campaign Ad: “Day One.” It highlights three things President Romney would do on “Day One” as President:

1. “President Romney immediately approves the Keystone Pipeline.”

2. “President Romney introduces Tax Cuts & Reforms that reward job creators – not punish them.”

3. “President Romney issues the order to begin replacing ObamaCare with common sense healthcare reform.”

Mitt Romney Rolls Out First 2012 General Election Campaign Ad: “Day One” – Video 5/17/12

Here is a new campaign video put out by Mitt Romney’s campaign today. It uses words from Romney’s Presidential Announcement Speech, set to music and video. It has a really positive, hopeful tone. Very well done.

Mitt Romney Campaign Releases New Ad: “I Believe in America” – Video

Tim Pawlenty released a new ad yesterday in response to the launch of President Obama’s re-election campaign. In the ad, Pawlenty questions Obama’s mantra that “it’s time to win the future” by asking, “How can America win the future when we’re losing the present?” He closes the ad by saying, “In order for America to take a new direction, it’s going to take a new President.”

Short, direct, effective.

Pawlenty Releases New Ad: “In Order for America to Take a New Direction, It’s Going to Take a New President” – Video 4/4/11

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