Harry Reid Justifies 2012 Lies Against Mitt Romney with, “He didn’t Win, did He?” – Video 3/30/15

Political Commentator Reihan Salam: Mitt Romney “Talked about Many Issues that have Come back to Bite Us” – Video 7/28/14

Gov. Mitt Romney meets with President  Barack Obama in the Oval Office - 11/29/12

New Shock Poll: 71% of 2012 Obama Voters “Regret” Voting for His Re-Election – 2/18/14

Heilemann: Christie Forbade Romney to Fundraise in New Jersey Till He Decided whether to Support Romney – Video 1/17/14

Netflix Documentary Trailer Shows Romney Facing Reality He would Lose the 2012 Election – Video

New Poll: If Voters Could have a Do-Over of the 2012 Election, Mitt Romney would Defeat Barack Obama 49%-45% – Video 11/19/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Gives Hard-Hitting Assessment of 2012 Election: “Romney got Clobbered Everywhere. . . I mean, it was Weepingly, Screamingly Bad” – Video 6/8/13


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Asks Chris Christie if He Regrets his Obama “Sandy” Embrace Just Days before 2012 Election – Video 4/29/13

RNC Chair Reince Priebus Presents Report on Why GOP Lost in 2012: “Our Message was Weak, Our Ground Game was Insufficient, We weren’t Inclusive . . .” – Video 3/18/13

Rush Limbaugh Details Democrat Pat Caddell’s Hammering GOP Consultant Class at CPAC – Audio 3/15/13

Report: Cincinnati Obama Supporter and Poll Worker Charged with Voting Six Times on Election Day 2012 – Video Report 3/12/13


Obama Voter in Hamilton County, Ohio Says: “Yes, I Voted Twice” – Video Report

Dick Morris: Republicans Must make Fundamental Changes or “They Will Never Win another Election” – Video 2/6/13

Here is video of liberal former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown saying Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election had more to do with “the cult of the personality” than it did with an ideological move toward the Democratic Party. Brown added Mitt Romney’s weak candidacy also contributed to Obama’s victory. He cited Democrats’ failure to re-take the House and their lack of progress in state and local races as indicators that Obama’s re-election was more about the “cult of personality” around him than anything else. I guess we’ll see in 2014 and 2016.

What “cult of personality?”

“Mmm, Mmm, Mmm – Barack Hussein Obama!”

“Thank you Mr. President for taking time out of your day! Oh, gracious God!”

Liberal Democrat Willie Brown: Obama’s 2012 Re-Election was Largely Due to “the Cult of the Personality” Surrounding Obama – Video 1/18/13

Here is video of Vice-President Joe Biden, acting as President of the U.S. Senate, reading the official results of the 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote. The results had been read state-by-state by representatives from both the House and the Senate, with Sen. Chuck Schumer delivering the totals to Vice-President Biden.

The official results: Barack Obama 332, Mitt Romney 206.

Vice-President Joe Biden Announces the Official Tally of 2012 Presidential Electoral Votes: Obama 332, Romney 206 – Video 1/4/13

Here is a report by Fox News’ James Rosen on overwhelming support for Barack Obama in many Philadelphia precincts – in fact 59 precincts where Mitt Romney did not get a single vote. Some of those areas also report 90% voter turnout.

Via The Rightnewz

Report: In 59 Philadelphia Precincts, Mitt Romney did not Get a Single Vote – Video Report 11/12/12

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