Complete Debate Video:

Final Half-Hour of CBS News / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate:

In case you missed it last night, here is complete video of the CBS News / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate held in South Carolina. The debate focused on National Security and Foreign Policy issues.

The first hour of the debate was televised on CBS, but they made everyone go online to get the last half-hour. The second video above is the final half-hour of the debate.

Winners and Losers from the CBS News / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate – 11/12/11

Complete Video of CBS News / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate from SC – Video 11/12/11

The GOP Presidential Candidates will gather in Michigan tonight for a Presidential Debate on CNBC. The debate will be moderated by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood. Other CNBC contributors will help with the questioning, including Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli. The debate will begin at 8:00 PM ET, on CNBC.

Herman Cain’s problems with harassment accusations are hanging over the debate, and even though this 90-minute debate will focus on the U.S. Economy, Cain’s situation very well may come up in some fashion.

Mitt Romney will be trying to come across as the most reasonable, most electable candidate to go up against Barack Obama. Rick Perry will trying to turn in a strong debate performance to leave viewers with the thought – “Maybe I should give him another look.”

Newt Gingrich comes into this debate as the candidate with real upward momentum. He will try to add to that by standing out as the most competent, most solutions-oriented candidate on the stage. Newt has done very well in the debates, but now must convince GOP voters he not only could be the nominee, but could actually defeat Barack Obama.

CNBC: The economy is supposed to be the focus when Republican presidential contenders share a debate stage for the first time since allegations of sexual impropriety rocked Republican Herman Cain’s presidential bid.

But as the candidates gather Wednesday night in ailing Michigan, Cain’s troubles are certain to loom large over the Oakland University debate hall, whether or not the rivals address the accusations directly during the two-hour face off.

With voting in the GOP nomination race set to begin in fewer than 60 days, Republican officials and presidential contenders alike are growing increasingly frustrated that the political conversation has been hijacked by the furor surrounding Cain.

“Only Herman Cain can address the issues before him. In the meantime it’s sucking all the oxygen out of the room, depriving the people of this country from a conversation about the issues that really do matter,” Republican contender and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman told The Associated Press Tuesday. “That’s the price we pay when these things happen.”

Like the rest of Cain’s opponents, Huntsman did not call for him to leave the presidential contest or rush to his defense, illustrating the sensitivity — and the unpredictability — of the escalating situation.

In a multi-candidate field, there’s no guarantee that one candidate’s demise will be any single candidate’s gain.

Even so, some of Cain rivals — namely fellow conservatives who are struggling to gain ground against better-known, better-funded rivals — sense an opportunity to steal support away from the former businessman should he implode after recently emerging as the strongest challenger to former Massachusetts Gov.Mitt Romney in some polls. . . . Read More

Candidates Set to Go for Tonight’s CNBC GOP Presidential Debate in Michigan – Video Preview 11/9/11

Updated 2012 GOP Presidential Debate Schedule

(As of 10/28/11)


November 5, 2011 – The Woodlands, TX – Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC


November 9, 2011 – Rochester, Michigan – CNBC / Michigan GOP


November 12, 2011 – Spartanburg, SC – CBS / South Carolina GOP


November 15, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – CNN / Heritage Foundation / American Enterprise Institute


December 1, 2011 – Arizona – CNN / Arizona GOP


December 6, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Telemundo / NBC News


December 10, 2011 – Des Moines, Iowa – ABC News / Iowa GOP


December 15, 2011 – Sioux City, Iowa – Fox News / Iowa GOP


December 19, 2011 – Johnston, Iowa – PBS / Des Moines Register / YouTube


January 7, 2012 – Manchester, NH – ABC News / WMUR-TV


January 8, 2012 – Concord, NH – NBC News / Facebook


January 16, 2012 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Fox News / South Carolina GOP


January 19, 2012 – Charleston, South Carolina – CNN / Southern GOP Leadership Conference


January 23, 2012 – Tampa, Florida – MSNBC, NBC News, St. Petersburg Times / Florida Council of 100


January 26, 2012 – Jacksonville, Florida – CNN / Florida GOP


March 5, 2012 – Simi Valley, California – Reagan Presidential Library


March 19, 2012 – Portland, Oregon – OPB / Washington Times / Oregon GOP


Click for Complete 2012 Election Calendar


You can always check complete 2012 Election Calendar for the latest updates.

Updated Schedule of GOP Presidential Debates – 10/28/11

The GOP Presidential Candidates will debate again tonight at 7:00 PM ET (on Bloomberg TV), this time at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The Bloomberg / Washington Post Debate will be moderated by Charlie Rose of Bloomberg, Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post, and Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg. This will be the first debate in 19 days, and the first since Herman Cain’s rise to the top-tier of the GOP Field. Some signs are already appearing that at least some of the candidates will now go after Herman Cain. Rick Santorum has started running a radio ad in Iowa that attacks his GOP rivals – including Herman Cain. The last three debates have seen almost all of the attacks – particularly by Michele Bachmann and Santorum – aimed at Rick Perry, but he is no longer the front-runner:

DAILY CALLER: When Herman Cain takes the debate stage Tuesday night in New Hampshire, it’ll be the first time the Republican presidential candidate will do so as a top tier candidate.

In prior debates, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has used his time to introduce himself to primary voters and charm them with memorable one-liners without being attacked by his opponents. He just hasn’t been seen as much of a threat.

But now that many polls show him placing in the top three, will that change? And is Cain ready for such scrutiny?

“Mr. Cain’s debate strategy has always been about just being Mr. Cain, and it’s worked out very well for him,” spokesman J.D. Gordon told The Daily Caller.

Gordon declined to comment on whether the campaign expects to be put on the defensive more so than ever at the debate, instead saying Cain will focus on talking about his 9-9-9 tax reform plan. . . . Read More

The format of this debate will be a little different. For one thing, the candidates will be seated, and they will be given a chance to ask each other questions – in alphabetical order:

NEW YORK TIMES: . . . The event on Tuesday night will be the first time the candidates have debated sitting down — perhaps an effort by the sponsors to encourage a serious discussion. They will be seated according to poll results, and that means Mr. Romney and Herman Cain, the former chief executive of Godfather Pizza, will be seated next to each other.

The candidates have also been told they will be able to ask each other questions, and that the order will go alphabetically, with Mrs. Bachmann starting. That means several of the candidates will get a chance for questions before Mr. Romney or Mr. Perry, who will come near the end. . . . Read More

GOP Candidates to Debate in New Hampshire Tonight; Will GOP Rivals Go After Herman Cain? – 10/11/11

Here is an updated list of the 2012 Republican Presidential Debates that have been scheduled thus far. As you can see, the list is growing! Check our “Election Calendar” page for the latest information.

2012 Republican Presidential Debates


May 5, 2011 – GOP Debate in South Carolina – Hosted by SC GOP


June 13, 2011 – GOP Debate in New Hampshire – CNN


July 10, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Daily Caller / Americans for Tax Reform


August 11, 2011 – GOP Debate in Iowa – Fox News / Iowa GOP


September 7, 2011 – GOP Debate at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (NBC)


September 12, 2011 – Tampa, Florida – CNN / Tea Party Express


September 22, 2011 – Orlando, Florida – Fox News / Florida GOP


October 11, 2011 – Hanover, New Hampshire – Washington Post / Bloomberg


October 18, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – CNN / Western GOP Leadership Conf.


December 10 or 11, 2011 – Iowa – ABC (Still in Planning Stage)


January 12, 2012 – Des Moines, Iowa – Des Moines Register / PBS


January 19, 2012 – Charleston, South Carolina – CNN


January 30, 2012 – Sioux City, Iowa – Fox News / Iowa GOP


February 2012 – Manchester, New Hampshire – ABC / WMUR


February 2012 – South Carolina – Fox News (Still in Planning Stage)


March 5, 2012 – Simi Valley, California – Reagan Presidential Library


Schedule of 2012 Republican Presidential Debates – Updated 6/24/11

Here is video of Gov. Tim Pawlenty on “Hannity” last night where he seemed to admit that he failed this past Monday night in the GOP Debate when he refused to follow-up with his use of “ObamneyCare” to Romney’s face.

Pawlenty didn’t come right out and say that, but he did say, “I should’ve been much more clear during the debate, Sean. . . . . I don’t think we can have a nominee that was involved in the development and construction of Obamacare and has continued to defend it.”

However, perhaps Pawlenty was hesitant because of this 2006 audio of him praising Mitt Romney and the work he did on Health Care in Massachusetts as Governor:

Tim Pawlenty Seems to Admit He Should Have Pressed His “ObamneyCare” Attack on Mitt Romney – Video 6/16/11

Here is video from tonight of Ann Coulter giving her blunt assessment of the performances of the GOP Presidential Candidates in last night’s debate in New Hampshire.

Coulter made it clear she wishes Gov. Chris Christie would get in the race. She said she thinks Mitt Romney will be the GOP Nominee if Christie does not decide to get into the race. She said she thinks Romney does look “Presidential.”

She gave a shoulder shrug to both Pawlenty and Santorum, and said Newt Gingrich usually puts her “into a coma” with his answers on TV, although she thinks he does better when he has to answer in 30-60 seconds!

She likes Herman Cain, but does not believe he can win because he has never before held public office. Coulter said she does not care for Ron Paul, particularly singling out Paul’s dismissive answer that Government should stay out of the business of marriage.

Ann Coulter’s Blunt take on the GOP New Hampshire Debate – Video 6/14/11

Tim Pawlenty may have been the big loser in last night’s debate because of his unwillingness to stand by the attack he made on Mitt Romney over the weekend in calling “ObamaCare”, “ObamneyCare.” He was served up the chance to hammer Romney with that term during last night’s debate, but backed away from it. In fact, he ran away from it, refusing even to utter the word, “ObamneyCare.”

POLITICO: Tim Pawlenty’s puzzling decision at Monday’s debate to abandon a new line of attack on Mitt Romney’s healthcare record is prompting fresh doubts among members of his own party about his readiness to confront the GOP frontrunner.

One day after Pawlenty linked Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare plan with the federal health reform law as “Obamneycare” in a nationally televised interview, the former Minnesota governor retreated from the sharp critique at the first debate featuring Romney.

Pawlenty’s decision to back down – coming after his campaign promoted the original assault – was met with a mix of derision and bewilderment among veteran GOP strategists who are not committed to any of the candidates.

Few could recall another example of a candidate unveiling an attack in one high-profile forum, as Pawlenty did on “Fox News Sunday,” only to then attempt to put the gun back in the holster in another such setting so soon afterward.

“Debates are competitions – they are alpha dog battles,” explained longtime GOP ad man Alex Castellanos. “To win one, you have to create what I call an ‘MOS,’ a moment of strength. Tim Pawlenty had a chance to get in the ring tonight with the heavyweight champion and create such a moment. He refused to enter the ring. It was like LeBron refusing to take the big shot [Sunday] night.” . . . Read More

It may be that Pawlenty backed down because he realized people had uncovered audio of him in 2006 praising Mitt Romney and what he was doing on Health Care in Massachusetts. He may have feared that Romney was ready to pounce on him by asking why he had praised his Health Care work back in 2006.

Doubts Raised about Tim Pawlenty by His Decision to Back Down to Mitt Romney During GOP Debate

Here is complete video of last night’s GOP Debate from New Hampshire, broadcast by CNN (NOTE: It may take a few seconds for the videos to load).:





The New Hampshire CNN 2012 GOP Presidential Debate – Complete Video 6/13/11

The CNN GOP Debate in New Hampshire tonight was a study in how not to put on a debate. The way the debate was structured was very disjointed, with questions bouncing all over the place, and only a few candidates getting to respond to any one question. That makes it very difficult to differentiate between the candidates. CNN’s John King, from the moment he asked a question, was often muttering in the background to try and get the candidate to stop talking! It was incredibly annoying. I don’t think King even realized he was doing it.

The disjointed way the questions were asked makes it hard to grade the candidates. But I’ll take a stab at it based on the overall impression I got from each of them.


Once again, I think Herman Cain did very well. His answers were very direct and easy to follow. He came across as someone who knows how to deal with problems, and he did not back down when put on the spot about wanting to make sure any Muslim who would be part of his administration would be committed first and foremost to the U.S. Constitution and not to Sharia Law.

Mitt Romney also was very good, seeming very comfortable on the stage and doing a good job with the questions he answered. He benefited from not being attacked on RomneyCare by any of the other candidates.He came across as Presidential, and was strong in saying that any of the GOP candidates would do a better job as President than Barack Obama.

Michele Bachmann did a good job tonight too. It was interesting she effectively announced her candidacy during the debate, and her answers to questions were very strong, showing a real command of the issues. Her answer on the Right to Life was outstanding.


Ron Paul was good tonight, really scoring with his response to being asked what Obama has done right! His answers were very crisp and he came across as credible in tonight’s debate – with the exception of his usual response on the U.S. Military. Ron Paul would bring all U.S. Troops home as quickly as possible – from Afghanistan and everywhere else. He is an isolationist, and that approach to the world simply will not work.

I felt like Newt Gingrich did a respectable job tonight. He obviously knows a great deal about the issues, but he is not always very good at conveying that in a way that is easy for people to grasp. He is still having a hard time explaining his criticism of Paul Ryan’s plan when he appeared on Meet the Press.


Rick Santorum never seemed comfortable tonight. Though I agreed with most of his positions, I just don’t think he came across with any warmth or likability. It just was not a good evening for him.

I felt that Tim Pawlenty really did not do well tonight. His refusal to own his “ObamneyCare” comment from the weekend was a mistake. He simply would not use the word! It made him come across as weak. Romney stood there smiling as he twisted in the wind trying to avoid saying to Romney’s face what he said behind his back. For a candidate who needs to show strength, that was the last thing he needed to do.

In general, no one was either clearly superior tonight or a dismal failure. The thing that stood out to me the most is how much better the Fox News debate in South Carolina was as compared to how CNN conducted this debate.

How would you rate the candidates from tonight’s debate?

NOTE: Watch the Complete Video of the Debate.

Rating the Candidates from the New Hampshire CNN GOP Debate – 6/13/11

During tonight’s GOP Debate in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney said pointedly that “anyone of the people on this stage” would be better than President Obama. He slammed Obama for having no Foreign Policy and for failing on the economy and restraining the growth of Government.

Mitt Romney in GOP Debate: “Anyone of the People on this Stage would be a Better President than President Obama” – Video 6/13/11

Tim Pawlenty doesn’t seem to want to go after Romney on “ObamneyCare” at tonight’s GOP debate. Pawlenty attempted to dodge John King’s question about why he used the term on Fox News Sunday before finally answering, “I just cited President Obama’s own words that he looked to Massachusetts as a blueprint or a guide when he designed ObamaCare.”

Tim Pawlenty Doesn’t Want to Talk About ‘ObamneyCare’ At GOP Debate Tonight – Video 6/13/11

Here is complete video of last night’s first 2012 GOP Presidential Debate held in South Carolina. You can check out my review and rankings from the debate, the reactions of a Frank Luntz focus group after the debate, and share your own impressions in the comments section:





First 2012 GOP Presidential Debate (South Carolina) – Complete Video 5/5/11

Here is video following the first 2012 GOP Presidential Debate held tonight in South Carolina, of a Frank Luntz focus group of GOP Voters. They overwhelmingly believe Herman Cain won tonight’s debate. In fact, only one of them started the night favoring Cain. After the debate, he is the top choice now of more than half of the 29 focus group members. Frank Luntz said he has never seen such a response for a candidate in all the debates he has covered – “Something very special happened here this evening.”

Rick Santorum was the group’s second place finisher for the evening.

ALSO: Ranking the Winners from the First 2012 GOP Presidential Debate

Herman Cain Declared Huge Winner of South Carolina GOP Debate by Frank Luntz Focus Group – Video 5/5/11

The first 2012 GOP Presidential Debate has concluded, and I think Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty were the winners.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were – well, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. They will be in the mix over the months to come, but neither has a chance to win the GOP Nomination for President. They have vocal and committed followers, but their policies on Foreign Affairs and some social issues are far outside the norm of the Republican Party.

Herman Cain was very impressive, as he always is, in my view. He speaks very clearly and directly when breaking down issues and what to do about them. He has a great voice as well, and just seems to have the ability to connect with people. I have said for a long time that Herman Cain has the real potential of breaking into the top-tier of candidates as more GOP voters are exposed to him, and these debates are a great opportunity for him. He did very well.

Tim Pawlenty did very well tonight. I have not been impressed with him, quite frankly, up to this point. His TV appearances have not been strong, in my view. But tonight he came across well, although a little too scripted in a few cases. But he responded well to most questions, and came across as very capable. He did himself some good.

The person who surprised me the most (because I expected Herman Cain to do well) was Rick Santorum. He came across as very strong and full of conviction. He tried too hard on a few occasions, including his final answer where he touted his ability to beat Democrat incumbents. The only problem is the reality that he could not win re-election as a Senator in his home state of Pennsylvania. In fact, he lost by 18-points. That makes you wonder how he would do there against Obama. But, all in all, Santorum did very well. I think he and Cain were far and away the best tonight.

If I had to rank them on how they did tonight, I would rank it:

1. Herman Cain

2. Rick Santorum

3. Tim Pawlenty

4. Ron Paul

5. Gary Johnson

How would you rank them, and why?

Ranking the Winners from the First 2012 GOP Presidential Debate

It may or may not say anything about Gov. Sarah Palin’s plans for getting into the 2012 Presidential race, but it certainly looks like she won’t be part of the first GOP 2012 Presidential Debate on May 2 at the Ronald Reagan Library:

THE HILL: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will headline a military appreciation event and fundraiser on May 2 in Colorado — the same day as the first GOP presidential primary debate in California.

The potential presidential candidate is scheduled to speak at an event titled “Tribute to the Troops With Sarah Palin” at Colorado Christian University, in the Denver area. . . . . Read More

Gov. Sarah Palin Scheduled to Speak at Military Appreciation Event on Night of First GOP Presidential Debate

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