Sen. Scott Brown won’t Rule Out 2016 Presidential Run – Video 8/25/13

New RNC Ad: “Biden 2016 Kickoff Tour” – Video 8/23/13

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton’s Early 2016 Presidential Campaign could Harm Obama’s Second Term – Video 8/18/13

Massachusetts Senator Brown

Sen. Scott Brown to Iowa; Considering a 2016 Presidential Run?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie Sets Forth Rationale for 2016 Candidacy in Speech to GOP Party Leaders: “I’m in this Business to Win” – 8/15/13

Huckabee: “Not the Best Situation to be Touted as a 2016 Frontrunner this Far Out” – Video 8/13/13


Byron York: Sen. Ted Cruz is “Zooming toward the Front of the GOP Pack” in Iowa – 8/12/13

“This Week” Panel Discusses Possible 2016 Presidential Candidates on Both Sides – Video 8/11/13

Iowa Evangelical Leader who Endorsed 2008, 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus Winners Speaks Glowingly of Sen. Ted Cruz – Video 8/9/13


Report: GOP Rep. Steve King to Meet with Key Republicans in South Carolina; Considering a 2016 Presidential Run? – 8/6/13

Democrat Leo Hindery Totally Agrees with RNC Chair Reince Priebus: “It is Simply Wrong” for CNN, NBC to Run Series Promoting Hillary Clinton – Video 8/6/13


RNC Chair Warns NBC to Cancel Hillary Miniseries or GOP Won’t Participate in NBC-Hosted 2016 Presidential Debates – 8/5/13 UPDATE: CNN Also Warned

Sen. Rick Santorum on “Meet the Press”: “I’m Open to Looking at a Presidential Race in 2016″ – Video 8/4/13


Poll: Sen. Rand Paul Leading Pack of Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates in Iowa – 7/12/13

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Report: Texas Gov. Rick Perry to make Trip to Israel in October; Prep for 2016 Presidential Run? – 7/11/13

Gov. Rick Perry: 2016 Run For President an “Option” He is Considering – Video 7/7/13

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