Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker Forms “Our American Revival” Committee to get Ready for 2016 Presidential Run – 1/27/15

Rush Limbaugh: Gov. Scott Walker “is the Blueprint for the Republican Party” to Defeat the Left – Audio 1/26/15


Live Video of “Iowa Freedom Summit” Hosted by Rep. Steve King – Live Video 1/24/15 UPDATED with Speaker Times – Carson 10:53 CT, Trump 11:17, Walker 12NN, Santorum 2:12, Cruz 3:00, Palin 3:58, Perry 4:22, Christie 4:46, Huckabee 5:06

Dr. Ben Carson Carefully Considering a Presidential Run: “I’m a Surgeon. . . .” – Video 1/23/15


Is a Romney-Bush Alliance Forming? Jeb Bush to meet with Mitt Romney in Utah – 1/22/15

Halperin: Jeb Bush is a “Bigger Favorite” than People Realize to Win the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination – Video 1/18/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech to SC Tea Party Coalition: It’s Time for the GOP to Nominate a Genuine Conservative – Complete Video 1/18/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Sets Forth 3-Point Outline of Possible 2016 Presidential Run – Video 1/16/15

Dick Morris Gives Mitt Romney the Edge over Jeb Bush in Looming 2016 GOP Battle; Says Christie has No Chance – Video 1/14/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Says He is “Looking very Seriously” at a 2016 Presidential Run; Shrugs Off Santorum Attack – Video 1/13/15

Gov. Mitt Romney

Report: Gov. Mitt Romney Says He is “Seriously Considering” a 2016 Presidential Run – 1/9/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Warns Washington: “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” – Video 1/3/15

Dem Strategist Donna Brazile: Hillary Clinton is “Not Inevitable” as Democrat Nominee in 2016 – Video 12/28/14

Gov. Mike Huckabee Interview: It will be “Late March, Early April at the Earliest” on 2016 Presidential Decision; Blasts Al Sharpton as Camera Hound – Video 12/3/14

Likely 2016 Dem Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Says Democrats have become “a Party of Interest Groups” – Video 12/3/14

Sen. Rand Paul Worries for Hillary about the “Rigorous Physical Ordeal” of Running for President – Video Report 11/9/14

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