MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: Is there Enough Enthusiasm FOR Hillary Clinton to make Her Voters Turn Out in Big Numbers? – Video 9/22/16

Report: Former President George H.W. Bush will Vote for Hillary Clinton against His own Party – Video Report 9/20/16

Michele Bachmann to #NeverTrumpers: If Hillary Clinton Wins, “No Republican will Ever Win the White House Again”; She will Legalize Millions of Illegals to become Dem Voters – Video 9/2/16

Larry the Cable Guy: “Hillary Clinton will be the End of the Country” – Video 8/30/16

Joe Scarborough: “Donald Trump Will Not Win the Presidency” – Video 8/2/16

Obama Asked if Trump can Win: “Anything is Possible. . . ” – Video 7/26/16


Rasmussen National Poll: Trump Vaults to Lead over Hillary Clinton (6/28-29/16)


Rasmussen Weekly National Poll: Hillary by Five Points over Trump (6/20-21/16)


The Economist/YouGov National Poll: Clinton Up on Trump by Four Points (6/18-20/16)


CNN/ORC National Poll: Clinton Lead over Trump Drops from 13 Points to Five (6/16-19/16)


NBC News / Survey Monkey National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Six Points (6/13-19/16)

Brit Hume: Lewandowski Firing a Sign the Trump Campaign Woefully Unprepared for National General Election Campaign – Video 6/20/6

CNBC Journalist Predicts Donald Trump will Win the Presidency – Video 6/5/16


PPP Pennsylvania Poll: Trump Tied with Hillary Clinton (6/3-5/16)

Report: Bill Kristol’s Independent Candidate to Stop Donald Trump and Give the White House to Hillary Clinton is: David French – Video 5/31/16

Newt Gingrich: “Trump Americans” will Transform the Electoral Map – Video 5/27/16

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