Ted Cruz: 2016 Election was “The Revenge of Flyover Country” – Video 11/18/16

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Lost because Millions of White Working Class Voters don’t think Dems Stand with them Anymore – Video 11/14/16


Experts: Evangelical, Conservative Christians Put Trump Over the Top; Voted 81% for Trump – 11/11/16


The Trump Revolution – A Virtually Unmatched Individual Achievement in American History – 11/11/16

Joe Scarborough on Trump’s Stunning Victory: “A Complete Political Earthquake” like Nothing Seen since Reagan in 1980 – Video 11/9/16

Watch the Moment Fox News Called Donald Trump the Winner of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election – Video 11/9/16

Donald Trump Delivers Victory Speech after being Elected the 45th President of the United States – Complete Video 11/9/16


Final National Polling Average Gives Hillary Clinton a 3-Point Lead on Election Day 2016; Only Two Polls Show Trump Leading – 11/8/16


Final Electoral Vote Map & Projection: Hillary Clinton 273, Trump 265 – But Trump could be Just One State Away. . . . – 11/8/16

Democrat Ed Rendell: PA Will be Close; “A Great Week for the Trump Campaign” – Video 11/6/16

Dick Morris: Trump Leads or is Tied for 284 Electoral Votes; Industrial States Moving for Trump; Trump can Win without Winning Florida – Video 11/5/16

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Five Days Out: “We are Going to Win” – Video 11/3/16

CBS News Assesses 2016 Electoral Map with One Week to Go; Trump Path to Victory FL, NC, OH, PA – Video 11/1/16

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway: “We are Behind” – Video 10/23/16

Karl Rove: “Trump is Behind”; “I don’t See” Him Winning the Election – Video 10/23/16

Report: Hillary Clinton Turning to Transition to Presidency as Trump Poll Numbers Fade – Video 10/24/16

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