Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States – Complete Video 3/23/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Announces He Will NOT Run for President in 2016 – Audio 1/30/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Sets Forth 3-Point Outline of Possible 2016 Presidential Run – Video 1/16/15

Gov. Mitt Romney

Report: Gov. Mitt Romney Says He is “Seriously Considering” a 2016 Presidential Run – 1/9/15

Sen. John McCain: If Lindsey Graham Decides to Run for President, “I’m All In for Him” – Video 12/16/14

Joe Scarborough on Mitt Romney: “I Think He’s Running” – Video 11/17/14

Bill O’Reilly: Mitt Romney will be 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee; Ann Coulter Responds, “Oh, I Hope So. . . . It has to be Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney” – Video 10/17/14

Joe Scarborough: “Fiction, Fiction, Fiction” that Sen. Rand Paul Will be the 2016 GOP Nominee for President – Video 7/14/14

“Morning Joe” Crew Discusses Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Contenders at NH “Freedom Summit” – Video 4/14/14

Krauthammer Slams Gov. Jeb Bush’s Soft on Illegal Immigration Remarks; Believes Bush “Likely” to Run in 2016 – Video 4/7/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: “At this Time Next Year I’ll have to make a Decision” about Running for President in 2016 – Video 1/21/14

Fox News Polls: Gov. Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton Top the Pack of Possible 2016 Presidential Candidates – Video 12/26/13

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings Convinced Sen. Ted Cruz will Run for President in 2016 – Video 12/13/13


Sen. Ted Cruz Runs Away with Presidential Straw Poll at 2013 Values Voter Summit; Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Rick Santorum Distant Second – 10/12/13

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie Sets Forth Rationale for 2016 Candidacy in Speech to GOP Party Leaders: “I’m in this Business to Win” – 8/15/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Predicts “Rand Paul” will be the 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee – Video 8/8/13

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