Rand Paul Announces 2016 Run: ‘We Have Come to Take Our Country Back’ – Video 4/7/15

Gov. Mitt Romney: “I’m Not Running. I’m Not Planning on Running” in 2016; Predicts “15 or 16″ GOP Candidates – Video 10/7/14

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Report: Texas Gov. Rick Perry to make Trip to Israel in October; Prep for 2016 Presidential Run? – 7/11/13

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces He Won’t Seek 4th Term as Governor; Reports Say He is “Passing the Word” He’ll make a 2016 Presidential Run – Video 7/8/13

Sen. Rand Paul Will Wait Till 2014 to Decide on Presidential Run; Says GOP Needs a “More Libertarian” Face – Video 2/17/13

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Here is video of Politico’s Mike Allen on “Morning Joe” today where he reported that three possible 2016 GOP Presidential Contenders just happened to drop by Las Vegas and visit with mega-donor Sheldon Adelson recently. The three mentioned are Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Adelson is reportedly wanting to support someone “with Executive Experience” in 2016.

Report: GOP Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson Visits with Three Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Contenders; Looking for Someone with “Executive Experience” – Video 12/3/12

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