Dr. Ben Carson: “I Will Decide by May 1” whether to Run for President – Video 1/19/14


Report: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Laying the Groundwork for 2016 Presidential Run – 11/28/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton is “a 20th Century Candidate”; “Extremely Vulnerable on Her Record” – Audio 7/22/14

Sen. Marco Rubio on whether He’s “Ready to be President”: “I Do, but I think that’s True for Muliple other People. . . ” – Video 5/11/14

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I’m very Seriously Considering” a 2016 Run for President; “A Very Different Place for Me” than in 2012 – Video

VP Joe Biden: There is “No Obvious Reason” Why I should not Run for President in 2016 – Video

Report: Sen. Ted Cruz “Begins 2014 with the Nation’s Attention” – Video Report 1/3/14

Fox News Polls: Gov. Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton Top the Pack of Possible 2016 Presidential Candidates – Video 12/26/13

“Red Eye” takes Irreverent Look at Word Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to “Change the Law” so He can Run for President – Video 10/19/13

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces He Won’t Seek 4th Term as Governor; Reports Say He is “Passing the Word” He’ll make a 2016 Presidential Run – Video 7/8/13

GOP U.S. Senator from Kentucky - Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul Pursues Evangelical Support as He Eyes 2016 GOP Presidential Bid – 5/12/13

Democrat James Carville has High Praise for GOP Sen. Ted Cruz: “He is Going to Run for President” and is “Going to be Something to Watch” – Video 5/5/13

Rand Paul - KY GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Voting

Sen. Rand Paul Says He’s “Seriously Considering” 2016 Presidential Run; Says GOP “Needs Something New, Fresh, and Different” – Video 3/7/13

Here is video of Jeb Bush Jr. on CNN where he was asked if his Dad – former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – is going to run for President in 2016. He laughed, then said: “I don’t know. No comment. I certainly hope so.”

Jeb Bush Jr. Asked if His Dad is Going to Run For President: “I don’t Know. . . I Certainly Hope So” – Video 11/24/12

Here is video of GOP Sen. Rand Paul in an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. Paul said of a possible 2016 GOP Presidential run, “I’m not going to deny that I’m interested.”

CORRECTED HEADLINE: It’s “2016” Rand Paul is interested in – not “2012”!

Sen. Rand Paul on Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Run: “I’m Not Going to Deny that I’m Interested” – Video 11/20/12

Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio speaking in Iowa tonight at a birthday event for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. Many believe this trip by Rubio to Iowa is his opening foray into the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination race. Rubio made the case for taking the conservative message of why Free Enterprise and Limited Government are the principles to give Americans a shot at the best future they can possibly have. Rubio urged conservatives to not give up on taking that message to the country in a positive and compassionate way.

Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers Speech in Iowa; Urges Taking Conservative Message of Free Enterprise and Limited Government to America in a Positive Way – Complete Video 11/17/12

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