Vice-President Joe Biden said today that President Obama just may use an Executive Order to impose new limits to the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans. Biden said Obama is considering “executive action, executive orders” and said Obama “is going to act.” He did not specify what those actions will be.

Via The Weekly Standard

VP Joe Biden Says Obama may Use “Executive Action,” “Executive Orders” to Restrict the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans – Video 1/9/13

Here is a video report out of Illinois where legislation being pushed by those opposed to the 2nd Amendment has stalled in the Illinois State Senate. Gun Control supporters thought there would be a vote yesterday on strict Gun Control legislation, but it never materialized – indicating that right now, they don’t have the votes.

In the video, notice who was at the forefront of a Gun Control rally yesterday – none other than Father Michael Pfleger, one of Barack Obama’s old radical Chicago buddies. If you don’t remember Father Pfleger, he’s a pal of Obama’s longtime Pastor – Jeremiah Wright, and he got in on bashing Hillary Clinton back during the 2008 Democratic Nomination battle in a “sermon” he preached at the church Barack Obama attended and supported for more than 20 years:

WASHINGTON SECRETS: President Obama’s home state of Illinois won’t be the first to approve post-Sandy Hook Elementary School gun control measures after all, thanks in part to the Second Amendment advocacy of the National Rifle Association.

The Illinois Senate pulled the plug on legislation to ban assault-style weapons and high-capacity ammo clips late Thursday, a stinging rebuke to Democrats and a wake-up call to the president and his supporters who think the Newtown, Conn. school child slayings will make it easy to pass gun control.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told Secrets Friday, “This was the first of many challenges gun owners and hunters will face this year. We will face many more and we need to keep our focus on those upcoming challenges.”

Gun advocates predict that the Illinois Senate will offer watered down legislation next year, likely limiting the number and types of guns to be restricted. “This is in no way a victory and nobody is doing a victory dance,” said a state gun advocate. “This is a minor win and we have to keep on.” . . . Read More

Illinois Gun Control Bill Pushed by Leftist Obama Associates (Father Pfleger, Rahm Emanuel) Stalls; Currently Not Enough Support to Bring Up for Vote – Video Report 1/3/13

The Democrats are showing their hand – and their real intent – with Sen. Diane Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons Ban” bill she plans to put forward in the New Year. The bill is not so much an “Assault Weapons Ban,” as it is a “Let’s force all law-abiding citizens to register all their guns” piece of legislation. The bill would require all Americans to register even the guns grandfathered in under the legislation, forcing law-abiding Americans to report and register their guns, and be photographed and fingerprinted by the Government.

I don’t believe Obama and the Democrats have the votes right now to pass this brazenly anti-2nd Amendment bill. But they appear ready to try. We’ll see.

Senate Democrats to Push Anti-Gun Bill in 2013 that would Require Registration of Firearms in the United States; Owners would have to be Photographed and Fingerprinted – 12/27/12

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