Liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Californians have No Right to Concealed Carry; Reveals why Americans must Unite behind Donald Trump – Video Report 6/9/16

Hillary Clinton will NOT Agree that “the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Constitutional Right” for Americans – Video 6/5/16

Geraldo Calls 2nd Amendment “Stupid” – Video 1/8/16

Donald Trump Slams Obama’s Latest Gun Grab “Executive Action” Plan – Video 1/2/16

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans "the right to keep and bear arms."

Donald Trump Proposes a “National Right to Carry” Law in 2nd Amendment Position Paper

Obama Admits He doesn’t Know if His Desired Gun Grab would have Prevented Charleston Church Attack – Video 6/19/15

Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to “Rein In” the 2nd Amendment Rights of American Citizens – Video 5/7/14

New NRA Ad Takes on Bloomberg’s $50 Million Drive to Restrict 2nd Amendment Rights: “Let’s See Who Crushes Who!” – Video 4/25/14

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wants the 2nd Amendment Rewritten to Allow National Ban of Individual Gun Ownership – Video 4/20/14

Attorney General Eric Holder in Testimony Mentions some kind of Gun Control “Smart Bracelet” Technology for Gun Owners – Video 4/8/14

Detroit Mom Uses Rifle to Defend her Family from Armed Intruders – Amazing Video 2/18/14

U.S. Federal Judge Rules Chicago’s Gun Ban is Unconstitutional – Video Report 1/7/14

Outstanding! 90-Year Old Store Owner Pulls Gun on Would-be Armed Robber: “I said, ‘I”ll Blow Your **** Brains Out, and He was Gone” – Video 1/3/14

Bill O’Reilly Exposes Liberal Media’s Exploiting Navy Yard Shooting to Push Anti-2nd Amendment Agenda – Video 9/18/13

O’Reilly Praises CNN Anchor for Calling Out Recalled Colorado Lawmaker for Trying to Blame “Voter Suppression” – Video 9/13/13

Two Colorado State Lawmakers Voted Out of Office in Recall Election for Anti-2nd Amendment Agenda – Video 9/11/13

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