Iraq Vet Uses Gun to Turn the Tables on Would-be Armed Robber: “You Need to Get the **** Out of Here before I Blow Your Head Off” – Video 9/5/13


2nd Amendment in Action: NC Resident Uses Firearm to Ward Off Home Intruders; Shoots and Kills One – Video Reports 9/6/13

Ohio Gun Control Rally Fails Miserably as 2nd Amendment Advocates Turn Out and Take Control – Video Report 9/1/13

“Nanny” Bloomberg Proudly Displays Confiscated Firearms to Media; Firearms Displayed Pointing at the Press! – Video 8/19/13

Heartache! Liberal Sen. Patrick Leahy Says Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Ads “Didn’t Help a Bit”; In Fact “Turned Off Some People” – Video 8/5/13


Poll: Americans Support “Stand Your Ground” Self-Defense Laws by a Thirteen-Point Margin – 8/3/13

NRA Slams Eric Holder’s Call for Requiring Citizens Under Attack to “Retreat” rather than “Stand Your Ground” – Video Report 7/17/13

California Grandma Uses .357 Magnum to Ward Off Would-be Intruder: “Back Up, You Son of a B**ch!” – Video Report / 911 Audio


NJ Mom Sums Up the Role of Elected Officials in One-Minute: “It’s Not Your Job to Protect Me. . . It’s Your Job to Protect the Constitution and My Rights to Defend MYSELF!” – Video

Piers Morgan: Hey, Those Gun Rights People Might Not be so Crazy Worrying about a “Tyrannical Government”! – Video 5/16/13

Photo: Ammoland

Photo: Ammoland

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: Give Us this “Background Check” Bill and We Won’t Try any other Gun-Grab Measures. Honest! – Video 5/7/13

Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Shows Off His Shooting Skills and Sums Up the Left’s Gun-Grab Agenda – Video Report 5/2/13


Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Vowing to Renew Push for Defeated Gun Control Agenda – Video 4/28/13


Report: Sad Turnout at Anti-NRA Rally in Washington D.C. – Photo 4/25/13


Shocker: Boston Bombers did not Obey Gun Laws; Neither had Permit to Carry a Firearm – 4/21/13

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Sen. Dianne Feinstein on why Citizens should not be able to Protect themselves with a Gun in Cities like Boston – Video 4/21/13

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