President-elect Donald Trump’s First TV Interview (“60 Minutes”) since Winning the 2016 Election – Complete Video 11/13/16


Donald Trump Extensive “60 Minutes” Interview; Will Propose Tax Plan with Tax Cuts for Middle Class – Video 9/27/15

President Barack Obama

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“60 Minutes” Report on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack: “They Saw it Coming”; Amb. Chris Stevens Asked for Increased Security; No Help was Sent – Video 10/27/13

“60 Minutes” Report: Terrorists Attacking U.S. Consulate in Benghazi were Yelling, “We’re Here to Kill Americans” – Video 10/24/13

Here is video from the interview CBS News’ “60 Minutes” did with Hillary Clinton and President Obama last night. In this clip, Hillary Clinton comments on her health. She admits to having “lingering effects from falling on my head.” When asked about the glasses she now wears, Hillary said, “Yeah, I have some lingering effects from the concussion that are decreasing and will disappear.”

Hillary Clinton on Her Health: “I Still have some Lingering Effects from Falling on my Head” – Video 1/27/13

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney in a “60 Minutes” interview where he said he does “not want to raise taxes on anyone.” In fact, Romney said, “We’re taking enough money in taxes.” He went on to say, “The problem is we’re spending too much, and we have too little growth.”

Mitt Romney on “60 Minutes”: “We’re Taking Enough Money in Taxes. . . The Problem is We’re Spending too Much, and We have too Little Growth” – Video 9/23/12

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan gave their first interview together as the 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket to CBS News’ Bob Schieffer. The interview aired tonight on “60 Minutes.” Romney and Ryan both did outstanding jobs in the interview, fielding Schieffer’s questions with a great deal of comfort and ease.

Very interestingly, CBS News decided to leave out of the “complete video” of the interview, the moment when Schieffer brought up the “Ryan Budget” and Medicare. Romney quickly took the fight to Barack Obama by saying that “only President” has ever “robbed” Medicare – and that is Barack Obama, to the tune of “$716 Billion” in order to pay for his risky program called “ObamaCare.” Both Romney and Ryan pointed out they propose NO changes to Medicare for anyone already retired or approaching retirement, unlike what the Democrats and their allies in the media are accusing them of. CBS News did post a clip of that question, but cut it out of the larger version of the interview! It’s posted in the second video above.

It’s clear from this interview, and everything else over the first days of Paul Ryan as VP choice, that he is up to this task and is ready to take on all comers. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan Together in First Interview on “60 Minutes” – Romney Goes Right at Obama on Medicare: “There’s only one President in History that Robbed Medicare $716 Billion to Pay for a New Risky Program of His Own Called ‘ObamaCare'” – Complete Video 8/12/12

UPDATE: Here’s a clip of the interview just released:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket, will reportedly be featured on CBS’ “60 Minutes” tonight in an interview taped in North Carolina today with Bob Schieffer:

CBS NEWS: CBS News chief Washington correspondent and anchor of “Face the Nation” Bob Schieffer sat down with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Sunday for their first interview since the Republican presidential nominee announced Ryan as his running mate.

Romney answered critics who say Ryan’s Medicare plan will hurt the ticket’s chances, especially in Florida.

“There’s only one president that I know of in history that robbed Medicare, $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call Obamacare,” Romney said.

“What Paul Ryan and I have talked about is saving Medicare, is providing people greater choice in Medicare, making sure it’s there for current seniors. No changes, by the way, for current seniors, or those nearing retirement. But looking for young people down the road and saying, “We’re going to give you a bigger choice.” In America, the nature of this country has been giving people more freedom, more choices. That’s how we make Medicare work down the road.”

Ryan added, “My mom is a Medicare senior in Florida. Our point is we need to preserve their benefits, because government made promises to them that they’ve organized their retirements around. In order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those of us who are younger. And we think these reforms are good reforms. That have bipartisan origins. They started from the Clinton commission in the late ’90s.” . . . Read More

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan to be Featured on “60 Minutes” Tonight in Interview with Bob Schieffer – 8/12/12 UPDATED: Video Clip Added



Here is video of “60 Minutes” extensive interview with Jose Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service, who spearheaded the “Enhanced Interrogation” of terrorist detainees.

Rodriquez says this about Barack Obama’s condemnation of “Enhanced Interrogation” to save American lives:

“When President Obama condemns the covert action/activities of a previous Government, he is breaking the covenant that exists between intelligence officers who are at the pointey-end of the spear – who are hanging way out there – and the Government that authorized them and directed them to go there.”

“60 Minutes” Interview with former Head of CIA’s “Enhanced Interrogation” Program – Video 4/29/12

Oh the shame of it all. Here is a preview of “60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl’s interview with a former CIA Official talking about the enhanced interrogation of September 11 mastermind Khalid-Sheikh-Muhammed (KSM). Not only does Stahl consider waterboarding to be “torture,” she is horrified to find out they fed KSM “Ensure!” She actually calls it “Orwellian!” Imagine, the terrorists are slaughtering innocents and cutting the heads off people and we are giving them “Ensure” to make sure they get a balanced diet! But to the Left, giving them “Ensure” ranks right up there on the “horror” scale.

“60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl Horrified U.S. gave “Ensure” to Terrorist Mastermind KSM; Calls it “Orwellian” – Video

Legendary CBS Newsman Mike Wallace died last night at the age of 93. News of his death broke this morning. Wallace has been with the CBS News program “60 Minutes” since 1968, and is the father of Fox News’ Chris Wallace. He was known for his confrontational style of interviewing.

Legendary CBS Newsman Mike Wallace Dead at Age 93 – Video Report 4/8/12

Unbelievably, President Barack Obama told 60 Minutes in his interview this past weekend that he would put his “legislative and Foreign Policy accomplishments” up against any President – with the “possible exception of Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln”:

“The issue here is not gonna be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.”

Apparently, 60 Minutes chose to not include this statement in what they aired of the interview, but it is available online, and you hear it in the video above. Obama is placing himself ahead of Presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and others! His view of himself knows no bounds!!! Yet, he has been a disaster for the nation. Voters need to render their judgment on Barack Obama in November 2012. Is he truly a better President than George Washington? Or, should he be placed with Jimmy Carter?

UPDATE: Here is the full 60 Minutes Interview with President Obama.

Via NewsBusters

Arrogant Barack Obama Tells “60 Minutes” Only “Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln” can Possibly Match His Accomplishments as President – Video 12/11/11

Here is video of an interesting moment during a “60 Minutes” interview that Leslie Stahl did with GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt. They discuss the idea that the American Public hates big corporations, which, ironically, President Obama and Democrats push all the time. But Immelt said he believes that concept is “wrong-minded,” and said he believes the employees of his company are rooting for them.

At the end, Immelt had some words for Stahl:

“They root for us. They want us to win. I don’t know why you don’t.”

Very ironic when you consider Immelt’s support for Barack Obama, who is staking his entire re-election campaign on being able to divide America along his class warfare lines.

Via NewsBusters

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt Asks “60 Minutes” Reporter Why She is Not Rooting for American Corporations – Video 10/9/11

Here is complete video of President Obama’s interview aired tonight on 60 Minutes in which he talks about the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.

President Obama on “60 Minutes” about the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden – Complete Video 5/8/11

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